Has any one started a lawn aeration co. where all they do is aerate

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ryeguy, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. ryeguy

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    I am interested in everything there is to know about starting a lawn aeration company. Can anyone help me on this one????? I am new to this site ....thanks all
    Fron Toronto,On:canadaflag:
  2. Whitey4

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    Frankly, I'd like to sub out my aeration. Anyone in Nassau county NY? Being a small operation, it's either sub it out or rent a machine and run around like a madman for one or two days trying to get to all my accounts. I wouldn't even ask for a piece.... just a sub that does it right at his going rate.
  3. Jason Rose

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    For aerating normal lawns your window of time if rahter small to do them in. you have maybe a month in the fall that's the best time of the year. Other times are really not a good idea.

    Only way to do aeration as a full time business would be to go into golf and athelitic field aeration. Golf you would do the greens 1 to 2 times per year. Same with most athelitic fields. Drabback is that you would need a tractor with a larger aerifier on it, super wide flotation tires, and possibly the ability to add hydro aeration to your list. Many are going to that because there's no plugs to pick up or need to topdress with sand afterwords.
  4. garydale

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    There is a Deep Tine aeration outfit that specializes in Aethletic fields and Golf courses.
  5. DoetschOutdoor

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    What you do is your choice but why wouldnt you offer aeration to all your normal customers? Being a small operation and offering aeration has its positives. For one, I notice ALOT more homeowners will come up to me and inquire about aeration before they will walk up to a TG employee whos smoking a cig running around like a maniac so he can get to the other 20 yards hes gotta do before lunch. Its also just one more thing that keeps your customers happy when they have most of their services done by one company. Aeration for me usually comes about a month or so before mowing is done and it gives me a good oportunity to pay off more than my usual amount of bills and save alot for the winter. I did about 20 aerations last year, looking to do at least double that this year. I really think that if I had done the advertising or had not had severe scheduling conflicts this year that I could have easily picked up double the amount of work I did this year. Also, who said you only have 1 or 2 days to get them done? At $120 a pop for a yard that takes me less than 45 mins, theres NO way I'd sub aeration out. I kinda like doing aeration because I know that it will truly make a difference if done the right ways and the money is unbeatable.
  6. BMurray

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    Sorry to intrude but what is aeration? What type of machine do you use for residential yards?

  7. Runner

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    Oh boy....Use google and type in "aeration" or better yet "core aeration". This will help.
    To original poster: Like was said above, I just don't see that big of a market for it. there used to be a company around here called Michigan Aeration, but I have no idea whatever happened to them.
  8. Lynden-Jeff

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    Im near you in Burlington and I see guys around here with 5-10 aerators on a trailer and they get kids to go door to door aerating. They are everywhere and it is irritating as heck! They do a crap job and lowball us out of it, when we are prepared to do a good job, but not for $30 for a 1/2 -3/4 acre!
  9. mikesturf

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    See, original poster(op) this guy is living proof you can live off very little... :)

    Just couldn't resist...no harm intended. :laugh:

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