Has any one started on weekends only?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jay_b_demented, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. jay_b_demented

    jay_b_demented LawnSite Member
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    I want to start up next summer. I was planing on keep the job I have now(its in lawn care) and start my own side work on the weekends. if all goes well I will quit my job and go full time. I was just wondering if anyone tried this and how it worked out?
  2. grassmedics

    grassmedics LawnSite Member
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    I actually started that way, after my weekends got too full i went full time, now im up to almost 30 accounts, good luck:clapping:
  3. Americal Vet

    Americal Vet LawnSite Senior Member
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    I'm sure you've heard the saying "make hay while the sun shines". That is the only problem with planning for weekends only. You can't control the weather and if it happens to be a crappy weekend weather wise, you will easily get behind (depending on the number of customers). Weekends are great for a second or part time job, but let a word to the wise be sufficient. Don't take on so many jobs, that if it does rain you will not be backed up. Just my .02:waving:
  4. Down2EarthLawns

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    I'm actually still doing weekends only. I have 20 accounts that I do on Saturday. Sometimes the wife helps. It's going pretty good right now, but the occasional lawn has to be done during the week. Saving $ for the next season to hopefully go full time with my own gig.

    MUDFLAP LawnSite Member
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    Most of my clients dont want me there on the weekend, thats when they want to sit back and enjoy the fruit's of my labor. LOL And i have 4 lawns in a gated community that dosnt allow lawn services to operate on holidays/weekends/ or after 3pm on weekdays, but i have 2 commercial clients that i do on sat morning.
  6. jay_b_demented

    jay_b_demented LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for your help. its nice to know it can work if I right:clapping:
  7. scalpit77

    scalpit77 LawnSite Member
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    The last few years I worked for a company, I started my own side work. My company didn't pay very well even though my jobs looked awesome. Got to work at 7a.m. (20-min. drive from home), worked till 3:30 or 4:00, then go do my side work till dark. I pulled many, many 14 hour days. I interviewed for my new job which is a 70/30 field/office and love it. Been here 2 years and have enough energy and want to, to get my side work done. I've grown my company to 12 accounts, just enough to fill a three afternoons and most Saturdays. About 18,000k extra a year. I'm enjoying it. Be careful of conflict of interest. You don't want to get caught competing with the co. you work for now. Our min. was 400/month and I started small doing jobs at 150-200/month so I was good. I wouldn't advertise it to the whole world though. Good luck. Get insured and bonded!
  8. Mr Priceless

    Mr Priceless LawnSite Senior Member
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    thankfully i thought about this mid summer mowing lawns since the drought from last year stopped growth (whatever was left of it) in this area, so I stopped advertising and cherry picked my remaining accounts, choosing who I would service after school started back up so I could comfortably work in case of rain or some major project slapped in my face "for the benefit of my education." Throughout this whole time I work 30 hours at my other job.

    Honestly, looking back on I could've done anything different this year, and given the circumstances, I wouldn't have changed a thing. Those customers i did drop were customers whose yards were tearing up my equipment ($ loss as well as time) one way or the other, and it helped me to experiment with "what I could get away with" or how i could impove the quality of my service.

    That being said bring on the fall cleanups:usflag:
  9. SuperDuty335

    SuperDuty335 LawnSite Member
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    I have two friends who both work for a large truck manufacturer here in NC. They started trimming/cutting/chipping trees on the weekends two years ago with a couple of chainsaws, a small chipper and a truck. Then they bought a zero-turn mower and started cutting a few yards. From there the business exploded and they now have four full-time employees, 3 dump trucks (including F-650), 6 cylinder chipper, stump grinder, several enclosed trailers and flat bed trailers, a brand new John Deere skid-steer, gooseneck trailer, new NewHolland tractor, etc. etc. etc. And they still work for the truck manufacturer!
    So, if you ever have any doubt about starting a business on the weekends, have a solid plan and go for it! By the way, they are just regular guys making regular salaries but with great business sense and a strong market, they have excelled. :usflag:
  10. scalpit77

    scalpit77 LawnSite Member
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    That's awesome! Your last sentence describes a lot of us out here.

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