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Has anybody had this problem?

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I have a new hedge trimmer that I just got last week. I used them once and put them away until today. I got to the job site and got everything out of the truck and started up the hedge trimmer and the blades were rusted together. They were stuck so much that the motor wouldn't brake it loose, it just bogged the motor down. So needless to say... I was done at the job early today. What should I put on the blades to stop it from rusting like that? I would think WD or some sort of "oil" spray. However, I don't want the spray to damage the plants I'm trimming.

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I dont think they are rusted, I think the bolts which hold the blades together tightened up. Loosen the bolts, then try it.
I have used chain saw bar oil for years have had no problems, shrubs have not been botherd, the bar oil dos'nt sling off.
i think ken is right
I liberally apply my dirty engine oil from my truck or if I'm out on the job and stuck for oil I use just about anything I have in the truck box which has included chain saw bar oil, 2 stroke oil, WD-40, transmission fluid and brake fluid. Once I stuck them in my five gallon jerry gas can of 50-1.
Thanks for your help. I loosen the bolts and it helped alot. I've thought of putting on all of what has been mention. But I didn't know what could damage the plant. But I guess aslong as it is not dripping off, mostlikely it won't bother them.

Thanks again,

You won't get enough oil off of the bar onto the plants to hurt them. We usually use spray on white grease.
Everytime we use a hedgetrimmer we spray the blades with silicone grease. This is the recommended type of spray that will not harm plant material.

Originally posted by zturncutter
You won't get enough oil off of the bar onto the plants to hurt them. We usually use spray on white grease.
White lithium spray grease works great.

I've been thinking the folks using the vegetable oil might have a good idea, just in case a customer should ever ask about it. Then you could say "it's all organic" or something to that effect.
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