has anyone ever had this said to them?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dcgreenspro, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. dcgreenspro

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    I got a call the other day from a lady wanting me to take care of the yard for her father's day gift for her husband. Needing to pick up some extra work, i tell the lady it will be 38 a cut. The lady then asks if i need to use their equipment? something tells me that i f$%^&d up that bid. A couple days later i am putting down merit for a lady who i do fert only. I ask who does her lawn and she tells me a friend who gives them a good deal. She says that she could probably not afford me! I ask what the guy is charging for her bare acre prop. (only trimming around her house) 45 a cut. I just shook my head and said yeah, that's a good deal!. Meanwhile, i am thinking in my head i really need to adjust my prices. One thought i was cheap and one said she couldn't afford me...sometimes i just don't get it.:hammerhead:
  2. howardsells2000

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    It's happened to me, but what I hate the worse is that when I quote a price and they say ok and " I thought it would be higher than that ".

    I quoted a small yard recently at $40.00 per cut and I thought I was a little high. She agrees and tells me she was paying $55.00 per cut last year.
  3. ProStreetCamaro

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    As long as you get the price you wanted thats all that matters. I like the fact that I dont feel like I am cheating somebody. I try to be fair yet still make a decent liveing.
  4. carcrz

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    But what all were they doing for their $55? People always expect the exact same stuff w/o telling you up front.
  5. eyes&earsopen

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    I have this problem too. Last week I had to do an estimate for a customer's mother-in-law and I keep thinking that I blew it. I told her $45 and she has about 8700+ sq. ft., I thought I was still coming in a little low. I base that on some prices I have seen around my neighborhood. Plus, I do the son-in-law's for $28 and her yard is about 2.5 times bigger so I thought I was cool. Only thing once I got over there I noticed she had a craftsman rider in the shed in the back. I guess all I could focus on was trimming that long fence and some of the other objects in the yard. I thought about calling back and maybe seeing if she was comfortable with $38, but I think I'll just leave it alone. I feel better not doing it than doing it for less than what I wanted, and then I wouldn't have been giving it my all. That could have eventually led to problems with the son-in-law. I may have come down a bit if she was looking for weekly service. I don't know I guess you lose some and win some. If I had a bigger WB I might have also thought about $40 or so, but my 36" just doesn't take care of that size yard quick enough for me.
  6. dcgreenspro

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    from PA
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    I just can't seem to find a middle ground. I gave a lot of bids on properties and no response. Now I am giving bids to make sure i get some more clients(of the 20 i have, I would drop 4 because i am not happy with the quote i gave em). So hopefully next year, i will make the mark of thirty or forty so i can begin to pick and choose. The people telling me i am too high and the other people asking where do i sign after i give the quote is telling me there is a common ground and i am no where near it. It sucks:hammerhead:
  7. topsites

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    This is what I learned: When 9 out of 10 estimates result in a NO answer, I'm on target.

    But it took a few years, and yes you need an established customer base first.
  8. garth1967

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    mate great post .this is the business isnt it .dont even bother trying to look for that customer in the middle ,thats the key to this .the person in the middle is you .there is the cheap price ,your price and the expensive price.as topsites says 9 out 10 quotes are duds. which is good .if you were to get 9 out of 10 quotes this is what will happen
    you will lose money
    regret doing what you are doing
    hate yourself
    never sleep
    and go broke
    and many more
  9. Mower For Less

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    Man, the laughs just keep on comming.... :laugh:
  10. martinfan06

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    thank you sir some real good advice,you cant worry or be greedy about someone else's prices. Run your biz and do quality work at a fair price and you'll be fine:waving:

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