Has anyone ever seen poison ivy grow upright?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Budman, Apr 24, 2002.

  1. Budman

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    Today I saw what appeared to be poison ivy growing upright like a tree. I looked closely to make sure that it wasn't just a poison ivy vine growing up a tree, but this one had a woody trunk about two inches in diameter and was about 8 feet high. I know that it can take on the form of a low shrub, but I have never seen it like this. Could this be something other than poison ivy? It had the classic three-leaf triplets all over it - looked like a lot of pictures that I had seen. I would like to identify it so that I can decide if it needs to come down.

  2. Rooster

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    Can you take a picture and post the picture?

    That would be a lot easier to identify.

    Also, you may be able to call your county and ask for weed control, they may come and identify it for you.

  3. BigJim

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  4. TLS

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    Take a few of the leaves and perform a "Scientific Poision Ivy Test". This will let you know exactly what it is in about 24 hrs, plus its totally free!

    Heres how the test works....Take a handfull of the suspects leaves, and wipe them all over your body, dont forget the genital region. Now just wait 24 hrs and, well, then you'll know.


    You name the part of the body, and I've had it there!

    Yeah, there too! :rolleyes:
  5. hoagie

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    Uncle hoagie performed that unfortunate experiment last month.

    Most people assume if there are no leaves on the vine, you can't get the rash. Not so... I was cleaning up a brush pile when the customer said he wanted all the "weeds" clipped from the fence. I said aw what the hell, it was a good customer and there were no leaves right!
    Well... that night I had a little itchys on the hand, no big deal... 2nd day I had it all over both arms, legs, face and the entire undercarrige:eek:
    I WILL NEVER, EVER touch poison anything again.. even w/ gloves and a chemical suit on!
  6. yardman1

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    i would have to agree with TLS on that one, that is the best way to I.D. poison ivy. I don't even have to get it on me, i can just look at it real hard and i will start itching. :blob2:
  7. mckell68

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    yes, poison ivy can grow vertically. The vine is woody with many "hair- like " roots that come off the main stem. These are what hold the vine to the object. It is not the plant per se that gives you the rash, but the oil that it secretes.
    The oil is nasty stuff--it has to be washed off within minutes in order to stop the rash. Do not ever burn poison ivy as the oil can become air borne and be inhaled into the lungs--which is a trip the the hospital!!

    There is a old ryhme taught to school kids---LEAVES OF THREE--STAY AWAY FROM ME--

    the plant has three leaves that come off the main stem part.
    they turn red in the fall and sometimes have white berries.
  8. Richard Martin

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    Just to add a little to what mckell68 said, Poison Ivy is a natural climber. Hence the word Ivy in it's name.
  9. It's got a whopping root system by the time it starts doing that. It'll be a bear to kill it out. this is a good time to hit it with the Roundup though, while it's growing.

    Leaves of three, let it be.. my azz
    Kill 'em all! would be a better slogan for poison ivy!

    The more you catch it, the more alergic you become. For me every encounter is a systemic reaction. I break out everywhere I get warm. Under my belt, betweeen my fingers etc. I could croak from a really good case of it.

    Thanks for the post though, I just took my first dose of Oral Ivy for the season. I'll take it every day till fall.

    BTW it's against the law to burn poison ivy here.

  10. garydale

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    Just a few more cautions on poison ivy.

    Don't burn is very,very important!
    Oil will stay on things like Weed eater head,mower deck etc.
    I have a friend who didn't catch it,Work in it, then his wife got it bad from doing his laundry days later.
    Kids have gotten it from petting family dog.

    Serious stuff.

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