Has anyone ever used/heard of a Dazer dog repeller?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by QualityLawnCare4u, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. QualityLawnCare4u

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    A short while back I posted a thread about having problems with a clients neighbors pit. This morning I pulled up and the dog burned the 100 yards between the two houses and would not let me out of the truck or even open the door.

    My client who saw me out the window called her neighbor and asked her to come get the beast which she did quickly and took him back home and put him in the house.

    My client then comes out and hands me this item called a Dazer 11 and told me "I bought this just for you and that da*m beast to try and keep peace in the neighborhood before that dog attacks you or someone else working at my place. He explained it was suppose to send out a signal that dogs can't stand.

    He then pointed it at his dog, a friendly lab and two cats and pushed the button. You would have thought someone lit a fire under those animals azzes the way they scattered! I did not see the pit bull anymore just heard him barking non stop on the neighbors porch.

    I wanted to try it on the pit but was glad I did not have to encounter him. It would be nice if the dazer worked. That way I am safe and the dog is not injured in anyway. Just wondered if anyone on here had ever used them?
  2. lyube

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    For small dogs I have a size 11 steel toe boot I am not afraid of using.

    For large dogs I have a glock 17 tucked inside my pants.

    Dog repellants don't work.

    You work with lots of weapons- a trimmer would really do a number on a dog. And if it's off, just buttstroke it across the face. Simple 3 point move, followed by a smash to the face.

    Or..if you have a chainsaw...*Evil grin*

    Forgot to add: Pepper spray works very well and is a stout reminder "avoid me" to any dogs that you don't want around.
  3. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Actually the thread I had posted before most folks felt about the same way you do. However, there were some that made me out to be the bad guy for hitting the dog with my edger.

    I do not wish to harm ANY animal unless it flat comes down to me and him. Was just trying to find a safe way to protect myself and not have to cause physical harm to a dog and get me in trouble for harming a animal.

    You know how you have to be careful nowdays even defending yourself and was just trying to do it in such away that makes everyone happy, animal lovers and non animal lovers alike.
  4. TheMadOne

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    Cheap, nonlethal, EXTREMELY effective, no backlash from injured or dead pets.

    Yes it works & works well, fido wants nothing more to do with you after he/she gets a good hit from one of these. Not had one to try a second time, but if it did, I'd just lay it to em for a couple seconds as many times as it takes to incapacitate or completely discourage them from further attempts to attack.

    A rot came after me from across the road, let it crack trying to ward it off, it got pissed at the noise, went after it, & then got zapped. Now if it's out running loose, it see's me and starts barking like it's some kind of BA, I pull out the baton & extend it the dog runs off pi$$ing it's self from across the street. :laugh:

    On the flip side, I once had a Pit break through one of those cheap "stockade" style privacy fences in ill repair, and come after me while I was on duty working a fire. I laid the flat side of a fire axe on it's skull, wasn't a pretty scene. I felt bad for the dog afterward, I like dogs for the most part & really bothered me to have to hurt someone's pet, but..... wasn't going to let it start chewing on me or anyone else either. Seriously injuring or killing someone's pet is not something I want to do if there is another way to handle the situation.
  5. DaddyRabbit

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    I have found the best repellent for Pit Bulls/waste of fur is a good old fashioned round of 12 ga 00 buckshot. Odds are unless the bull dog contracts out a medium he won't be bothering you the next day.
  6. bohiaa

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    never herd of dazer, but I have herd of echo line trimmer. it works GREAT
  7. QualityLawnCare4u

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    "Seriously injuring or killing someone's pet is not something I want to do if there is another way to handle the situation."

    Exactly! I do not wish to harm any animal if I can avoid it but would not hestitate if I absolutely had to. I don't blame the dog, I blame the dumbazz neighbors that don't/won't control it. This animal should never be allowed to run loose in the neighborhood.

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