has anyone given up residential work?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JML, Jun 30, 2003.

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    This will be about our 6th year doing landscape design and install work. I am so fed up with the homeowners its unreal. Between them not being happy, not getting paid on time or not at all, its rediculous. The competition in my area is so saturated it isn't funny. My cousin just had a new house built in a new development. He gets about 5 fliers a day for landscaping for the past two months. The competition has really killed the market. People are doing pavers for $7 a sq. ft, sod for .30 sq. ft. Most of these companies are fly by night and due horrible work, so they really can't get into the commercial market. The last straw was yesterday, I have been working on this design for a customer for about a total of two days over the course of two weeks, they then decide they are going with someone else, and cancel payment on the check that they had given me for the design. This week I am stopping all of my residential advertising, and won't be taking on any new work. We are going to be strictly a commercial design install company. Has anyone else done the same thing?

    Just Venting!
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    If i gave up residential id be out of business in a week. Never had a problem with residentials, i have more problems with commercial work with gettin paid.
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    We are steadily advancing in the residential arena.

    The migrants are saturating, but we are still making headway.

    Had a 25% increase in sales last year. April this year was more than pitiful, but on a whole, we should come out the same as last year or better again.

    By the way, that check they gave you - if you were in Oregon - is worth either:

    $100 or 10 times face value, whichever is greater - I think that's the formula here (Oregonians? that's near correct isn't it?)

    If you have similar check writing laws, hang onto the check and negotiate or go to small claims with it.

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