Has anyone gone to Paver School?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by echeandia, Feb 24, 2008.

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    I was wondering if any of you have gone to the Pavetech School for Advanced Segmental Paving in Wisconsin. How was the class? Do you recommend it? I would like to hear about your experience. Thanks.
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    I went to it beginning of last year. I did not have much experience with installing pavers. It is great if you have little experience because you get the hands on side of installing a small driveway without looking like an idiot in front of a customer. They also teach a lot of tips that are beneficial for contracors that have been doing it for some time. It also gives you a better look at estimating and what all goes into it. They do show alot of the PavTech tools that make you drool. Its a good sales tool for them but there is no pressure or anything. If you are thinking about investing in some of their tools you can try them all out here too.

    Another benefit of it is being able to use it in your advertising or sale sprocess. You get a diploma type thing so you can set yourself apart from competition by saying you are a gaduate of the school for advanced segmental paving. When I was installing first part of last year that hepled land contracts along with being NCMA and ICPI certified. Especially when you are a new company.

    The class was costly. You can go to their website and watch the classes, without sound of course to get a feel for whats involved.

    goog luck, let me know if oyu have any other questions

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