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has anyone ordered this lawncare package?


LawnSite Member
Lynchburg, VA
It sure looks interesting. I enjoy being able to read through things like that myself and not just "trying to do it".

Its nice that they print it out in manual forms and not just e-book crap. I guess its just a matter of it's content huh?

I'm not a big fan of their website format, seems cheap, but I guess thats a bad way to judge something?


LawnSite Member
Indy burbs

was googleing around and i found this.... its the cheapest one ive seen yet.... anyone know about this one?
no, but i was really impressed with Sean Adams stuff. He doesn't give a lot of technical and how to advice but he gives a lot of great common sense, general business, marketing, customer service stuff and a lot of usable forms and stuff. really learned a lot and his forms and stuff have saved me some time. worth every penny of the $65 he charges...


LawnSite Senior Member
I also bought it a few years ago. Only used like 1 or 2 of the form templates from it. That was before i came across this site.