Has anyone regretted buying a mini skid steer?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Mitty87, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. Sjoerd

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    A couple months further...

    Yes, they sell here the Muck-Truc, Belle BMD300 and other trades.
    I've tried something but it's not easy to handle.

    Last month I tried a Sherpa 100 small. More and more I consider a Giant SK2x2D.

    Both trades are Dutch, but they sell them all over the world. I've visit the factories. The Giant looks and feels more like real machine; a loader.
    Giant offers 20hp and 25hp diesel version. Are these 5hp the € 1000,-- the worth or should I keep it in my pocket?
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    It's not just hp it's lifting capacity:weightlifter:

    Here sometimes the bigger diesel engine have more pollution control devices

    A major thought on brand is will you have a place to repair and service it?
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  3. Sjoerd

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    Giant sells and maintain only with dealers. Sherpa has dealers too, but there shop is about 30min from me (Giant factory about 50min).

    The Sherpa's are made whole made in The Netherlands, they are more like a big welding shop, they are more familiar with pavers.

    Giant by Tobroco is more like a factory. The bodies are made in their factory in Hungary and assembly in The Netherlands.

    A pro of Sherpa is; they rent out their attachments...
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  4. hort101

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    Do any of them allow demo or try them out?
    Or rent one and see what you like
    I watched a video of the Sherpa looks pretty heavy duty
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  5. Sjoerd

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    A couple months I've tried them both on the factory.

    Last month I rented a Sherpa for a week. A small with a Honda 390 11hp motor. I missed a little bit of power in lifting, breaking out things in the garden. At home I've looked to the Sherpa from every corner and also at inside even possible.

    The bigger ones (9cm wider frame) with a Honda 630 21hp gasoline or Kubota D722 20hp diesel I've tried them for a second time on their factory.

    The Sherpa 100 is the previous Skidster from the UK. Sherpa was dealer and take over the licences and made some little updates.

    Last week I had a second appointment on the Giant factory to make a tour and to try their skid steers. They don't offer the smaller 390 gasoline motor but only the 630 21hp. In diesel they offer the Kubota D722 and the D902 motor. The whole machine feels more like smaller loader.
  6. Sjoerd

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    At this moment I use sometimes our old two-wheel tractor with cultivator or rent a new one to renovate a garden because a tractor is sometimes to big to enter.

    We have an Agria 1700 like this one. It's an old one, bought by my grandfather.

    There are hydro-cultivators on the market to attach on a loader or (mini) skid steer. Are they good in their job?

    Because at both (Sherpa and Giant), I've the option to build in an extra oil pomp to do such work like that. Maybe, if I deside to order a Giant I better also order the 25hp version?
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  7. Sjoerd

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    In meantime... I've ordered a https://www.tobroco-giant.com/producten/skid-steer-laders/giant-sk-252-d/Giant SK252D in september last year. It will arrive next month. 25HP motor with some options: extra hydropump, hydro quick attach and work light. Some attachments; bucket, pallet forks and broken stone forks.

    This summer I'll maybe buy a tiller attachment of Muratori.
  8. David Benfield

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    I enjoyed the video, it was very helpful when it came time for me to buy b/c I was torn b/t the Vermeer & DW and your video helped me be OK with a "both are good" analysis.
  9. KUMA01

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    Vermeer can’t say enough good things about it. The harley rake is a must have. I use the pallet forks and 4/1 bucket the most. Best decision I ever made.



  10. brichter14

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    F0A48C8E-92FA-4830-9E70-2138AB450760.jpeg CDB60A0D-5F64-4898-8CB1-AFA41FEFA2E8.jpeg Over the weekend I put in a 500’ driveway for my new property. I excavated 6” of topsoil and moved in 100 tons of rock. All with my mini. 52” bucket though.

    Did I wish I had a sit down skid? In this situation yes. But these machines can do work if it’s what ya got!

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