Has anyone regretted buying a mini skid steer?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Mitty87, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. m_ice

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    Food for thought next time...
    If vehicle traffic it should have geotextile fabric and over-sized 2" then topcoat with either CA6 or CA7, which ever is your preference.
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  2. brichter14

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    I’ve played that game before. This ground is a bit on the wet side so I skipped the fabric. I didn’t want to create bubbles. I’ll add more rock when needed.
  3. David Benfield

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    I'm getting ready to buy my first mini skid. Going for the DW SK1050, although there's a chance I could get the SK800 if he gives me a good enough deal on the demo I have. Looking to pull the trigger next week.

    I've used the Toro TX1000 and Vermeer 925 quite a bit and like the DW better.

    Right now I'm having the decision to make about which attachments to get and not get. For reference: I run a bamboo specialty company and specialize in removing, containing, managing, and planting bamboo. We also have a small bamboo nursery (about 1 acre, ~1000 plants #2-#45 sizes).

    Here is my "wish list" of attachments, in order of importance:
    _ 4-in-1 bucket - DW - all purpose
    _ trencher - offset - DW - SK5TW - pruning trenches & rhizome barrier
    _ 3-in-1 tool: ripper/hitch/boom - removing rhizomes, moving chipper
    _ light materials bucket - materials moving at nursery & for raised beds
    _ pallet fork - moving plants @ nursery, digging/prying on jobsites
    _ utility spade/stump bucket - digging plants/rocks/holes
    _backhoe/grapple rake/ripper - Eterra e40 - removing rhizomes/brush
    _ auger - Eterra 2500 - planting, mixing cement
    _ stump grinder - Stumper 240/280? - grinding rhizomes in place
    _ Root cutter? - Vermeer - perhaps for digging up large sections
    _ stump planer - Boxer/moarbark makes one for their mini skid - stump removal if have auger but not stump grinder
    _ plate compactor? - for packing raised beds
    _ brush cutter - for cutting down smaller bamboo & other shrubs
    _ tree forks - for moving large pots (#20-#45)
    _ power shovel (bradco) - digging holes & swales
    _ 6 way dozer blade - backfilling trench, grading work
    _ 2 way backfiller - backfilling trenches
    _ harley rake - for fixing lawns
    _land leveler / caryall - all purpose
    _ tree spade - for digging new plants

    Does anyone have any feedback on what I should buy? Above the dotted line is probably what I can buy now while financing everything.
  4. m_ice

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    from IL
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    The over-sized does the same thing for soil stabilization and is usually all we use so we don't have to mess with fabric for driveways.
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  5. m_ice

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    from IL
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    The oversized is usually all we do for driveways so we don't have to mess with the fabric
  6. brichter14

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    David for what it sounds like you do I think the list of attachments above the dotted line is a great start. Also add a land leveler. I have most of that stuff except the trencher and it all gets put to use. I also have a tiller. Which is very handy.
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  7. BrandonV

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    Tree forks aren’t necessary. Just use your pallet forks. Tree spades on the mini skids are too small imho to be usefully unless your doing a LOT of small transplants in your nursery.
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  8. Ijustwantausername

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    How much and where for tiller?
  9. brichter14

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    I got it for 1100 on eBay. It’s a toro brand.
  10. Bleed Green

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    I've been told that this would be the best investment i ever made if i got one of these mini skid steers. My biggest complaint is having to stand on them the whole time. I'm sure it would be like many other pieces of equipment though, once you get one you'd be wondering what took so long. I know I've thought that about my compact tractor i bought last year.
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