Has anyone run an ad on Angie's List?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by New2TheGreenIndustry, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. branchoutshrub

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    We haven't heard of Angie's List or BBB working very good for advertising.
  2. H & M Yard Improvements

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    I had someone that said they are planning on starting this spring ask me if you MUST be legit to advertise on Angie's list! I advised them that no matter what they are doing they better be legit! I've never used Angie's list so I wouldn't know!
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  3. Rick Grantham

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    What you are saying makes sense. If the customers are going to Angie's List to find quality contractors --- then it makes sense to be there, particularly if you have good reviews. For $84 it seems worth a shot.

  4. cpllawncare

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    I would suggest talking to a AL Rep for your area, each area has it's own rep find out who or how many LCO's or landscaping companies your competing against. It may not work well in rural area's I don't know? I've talked to several companies that use it and have had much success with it, so I decided to try it last year and I too had good success with it, the clients I got from it were generally high end and ready to hire when they called, and obviously the more and better reviews you have the better quality and number of calls you'll receive. I can just tell you MY results, I do know you had better be set up right, and do high quality work or you will get run off of the site by the customers. I would highly suggest you be legit, although I don't know it's entirely required.I am always up front with customers about the risk of dealing with a non legit person.
  5. imow in NC

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    I had 1 customer who posted 2 reviews on my company. A++. Was contacted by Angie's List and they discribed the program and how it works. That was 4 months ago, and I have picked up 5 new customers, and just completed 2 proposals; one for annual care contract on 500k property and the other for a complete makeover (11k). I think it is working very well for me since I have not spent any money...yet. I have links to web page and their phone ads for the older generation who needs work but do not do the internet. We are in a retirement haven. $148. a month (4.93 a day). How much would you spend on 2 beers after work? Just saying:hammerhead:
  6. cpllawncare

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    That's because your not going to get many calls just from the free listing, and again the BBB is not an advertising medium, it's just a way to say I'M LEGIT and don't mind if you check to find out, if your a legit business it helps you stand out from the guy down the street.
  7. clydebusa

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    :hammerhead:Back at you, still consider it like the BBB. Wait till someone post something bad and you have to defend yourself for not bidding on a job, or the customer is unreasonable, or just crazy. If it works for you great. But still like the BBB.
  8. cpllawncare

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    You will get bad reviews no matter how hard you try, like any business, it's how you handle it that makes the difference, if you make a mistake admit it, correct it. Post a reply about what you did to correct the situation. Your SANE customers are very aware that there are bad customers out there and you can't please everyone all the time, I'll say it again, stay professional at all times! For every bad review I have, I have four good reviews, that trumps the bad ones everyday. So what if it's like the BBB? Are you afraid of people knowing how you do business?
  9. clydebusa

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    Not afraid at all what people say or think about my business. I am known as the company that can do anything and fix contractors mistakes. So word of mouth is my advertisement. So if AL and BBB works for you great. This started out as a thread that said what do you think about AL. Gave my opinion, if you want to dispute my opinion start another thread on You can't believe company don't like AL.
  10. cpllawncare

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    Just saying, it works! that's what the OP wanted to know.

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