Has anyone started mowing or doing spring clean-ups yet?

Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
No grass here yet. Our grass doesn't really start to grow until the Cherry Blossoms show white color in D.C.


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Cape Cod, Ma
We do cleanups any day its mild, still have 6 or so big ones leftover from fall. If they get done before March 1st I still classify them as "fall" cleanups, after that then get renamed,.... yup you guessed it "spring" cleanups.


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bastrop, la.
I will do 2 today if the rain holds off.

P&C Lawn Care

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Yukon Oklahoma
Was high 60's yesterday. Busy doing pre-emergence and cutting down last years growth on ornamental grasses, pruning tree's/shrubs, cleaning beds and reappling mulch. Grass should start to green in about 4 weeks or sooner if we keep these high temps. Trying to get all the supplies before the season starts and get all equipment tuned up and ready to go.


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We just starting getting some stuff together for spring but untill its safe to take the sanders off the trucks we cant really get much done.Got a chance for ice tonight and maybe some more next week so it will be a little while yet before we really get into clean ups.

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