Has Anyone started to Boycott Equipment made by German or French Companies?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turf Dancer, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. Turf Dancer

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    I was talking to my Stihl Dealer and they were saying that at their Stihl dealer meeting the Stihl Big Shots were worried that with the Germans and French being against the War that it was going to hurt their sales in some ways. Supposedly the folks from Stihl say that they do not in anyway support the German Government ! What do you think ? Is this just a ploy to make sure that people keep buying their products ? Should they really be worried ? Is it time to boycott products made by countries that do not support us ? It would make a point wouldn't it ?
  2. mowerman90

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    I agree wholeheartedly! The only way to show our displeasure with these once friendly countries is to tighten our collective pursestrings.

  3. jamiecole

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    H*LL YES! Boycott away!! I don't and wont support anyone that does not support the US! The French are a bunch of wimps and they have ties to Iraq that they don't wont to be found out! Same goes for Germany as well as Russia. Turkey is another one that needs to be included in the boycott. They wouldn't let us use their land for a Northern attack on Baghdad, but they want to come into Norther Iraq and wipe out the Kurds, and take Iraqs oil. What is up with that? I say they ought to be next, after we are finished with Iraq!
  4. wriken

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    I knew there was a reason, I did'nt buy stihl. No really could'nt agree more.
  5. heybruck34

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    this is off the subject but I used to like Dannon yogurt as a healthy snack during the day. That is, until I found out they were owned by a 100% French company, Danone.

    I now eat Breyers yogurt which is owned by Kraft.

    "The only war the French ever won on their own is the French Revolution, and that's because they were fighting themselves."
  6. Swampbeast

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    Stihl is owned by a French Company eh? Ha ha! My instincts proved me right again! I have never owned a Stihl, only used one a couple times.
    Does this mean I cant buy a Mercedes-Benz SL-600 when I get rich? Or what about the Porsche 911 Carrera GT-2 I absolutely HAVE to get?! I cant get those?! Oh no! :(

  7. Buddy Markley

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    I am ready to boycott, does anyone out there have a list of companies?

    Stihl`s are made in Virginia,,,I thought.

  8. I think Stihl is a German company.

    I hear there is a HUGE surplus of French rifles on the market. If you ever wanted a rifle, these are a good deal. They've never been fired, and only dropped once.
  9. dfor

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  10. mow betta

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    Don't forget Canadian companies. HeII, I'm Canadian, but I couldn't be more pi$$ed at my country's stance on this issue. Frankly the holier than thou elitists in this country need to be taught a lesson. Boycott away!!

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