Has anyone traveled for Hurrican clean-ups

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Port City Lawncare, Sep 23, 2003.

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    We're starting into Hurricane season along the Gulf of Mexico. So I overheard someone talking about traveling 7-8 hours depending upon where the storm hits to perform small clean-ups. I was wondering if anyone has done this? Are there any special insurance regulations required by insurance companies, or is it as simple as finding a neighborhood and hotel. It makes perfect sense and I can't believe I haven't thought of this sooner.
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    Call your insurance carrier and ask so there's no confusion. Sometimes they send out these "tiny" notices about changes in your policy that really are not obvious & the next thing you know something happens and the carries says to you "we notified you in writing that we would not cover that type of loss."

    We just got slammed by Isabel. I was listening to the radio today which was doing nothing but fielding call-ins and setting needy people up with charitable offerings & something you might want to be mindful of is what the going rate for cleanups is in the area you intend to travel to. Here's why:

    Caller - "yeah I've got a tree service up in Virginia and I'm planning on coming down to NC to give a hand.....just wanted to give my phone number out so people know they can call us to help out."

    DJ - "well, not to be a jerk or anything but are saying you are donating your time or are you billing for service?"

    Caller - "well, yeah we are charging but there are some guys around here in Richmond that have been asking for like $3,000 per tree and that's just ridiculous."

    DJ - "I'm sure your services could possibly be used here by some folks, but these are difficult times for the area.........Governor Easley has set up a toll free number at the the Attorney General's office so people can report contractors if they think they're being ripped off.......generally we have been telling our listeners for several days that if they have a contractor come to their home we strongly suggest that they get a written estimate, and ask for proof of licensing and insurance, especially if the contractor is from out of State."

    Port City - I'm not implying that you are out to rip people off. I'm just saying be careful and know the price area where you might think of going.

    Additionally, I heard a couple of our Towns in the area require that all out of area contractors apply for a permit at Town Hall before they are allowed to go out and work. I'm not sure what the requirements are but it is one more consideration.

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