Has anyone tried this? Grease fittings on spindle housing.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jbell113, Aug 5, 2005.

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    Had to replace a spindle housing on my 52" TTHP. I am new to this type of repair so I buy the new housing that comes with new bearings and I use my old spindle that was still in excellent shape. I got to toying around with the old housing and took the bearings out and the sleeve in between. I drilled a hole in the middle of the housing, threaded it and installed a zerk fitting then pumped it full of grease. Now the new housing came packed full of grease and the old housing had no grease in it. The new housing has no grease fittings either. Does anyone think that this will prolong the life of the bearings by doing this and does exmark intentionally leave off grease fittings because they want you to buy new bearings? I dont know the answer to either question but I do believe that it cant hurt to have fittings on the housings. I havent installed any fittings on the housings currently on the mower just the one I took off which I plan to keep as a back up.
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    And to think my Walker has over 50 grease points. Now I wonder which unit is going to last longer?
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    There was a thread awhile back about the same questions, do a search,can't recall the thread title. Had some interesting thoughts on it.Maybe someone else will remember.
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    Just my opinion, but I think more mfg's are going to sealed bearings if they can. You may grease all 50 religiously, but I would imagine that most people would get tired of the chore, and start skipping grease points, and pretty soon - bingo it wears out. My JD's do have greasable bearings on the 400 series, but the old 332 used fafnir sealed bearings, and they would run 1000 plus hrs.

    In the hands of the average person, the sealed bearings will go a long time.
    In the hands of a maintainance freek, (I am one) who greases everything, maybe more than need be, the greasables will last longer. The mfg's are betting on the average. Thanks, Brad

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