Has anyone tried this option with gas prices getting higher

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by soloscaperman, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. grass-scapes

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    Ahhhh, But they can. Thats the other side of the problem. The economy has gotten so bad for some they mow just to barely get by. They give prices that we know (as full time LCO's) cant be sustainable for a long time. But once the consumer has a taste of the cheap lawn care, they come to expect it.

    11 years into it for me, and I am not able to get much more, if any, than I was back then from a majority of consumers. Now, this is different for the high end clients, but not much.

    Think of it this way....Once a dog tastes blood.......

    On the main subject matter, I have switched to an NPR for the daily maintenance vehicle. Doesn't do much better, but 12 is better than 6mpg
  2. greenstar lawn

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    Over here the fuel prices jumped .30 over night last week. But then came down .04 a few days ago.
  3. organiclawncanada

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    Here we are paying the equivalent of $5 per gallon. So fuel conservation is a big priority.
  4. RGM

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    I used an s10 with a 4 cyl for about a year it pulled the small trailer with 1
    60'' zero turn ok but slow up hills. The real problem is the clutch and trans you have to step up and get one with heavy trans and clutch cause if you don't your going to burn them up.
  5. mowcrazy

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    When I first started out I ran a 1991 chevrolet s-10 with the 4.3 litre 6 cylinder. Pulled a 6x12 trailer with 2 mowers. Im not 100% sure what kinda mileage the little booger got but I can tell you it was a heck of a lot better than Im doing now with my 1/2ton chevrolet z71 pulling the 16ft trailer.

    Its funny now that I think about it, I have upgraded all my equipment to where I have a really nice set up and for the last month have thought about how nice it would be to have the little s-10 back with the 6x12 single axle trailer. Id figure that I was getting somewhere around 15mpg or so just for the simple fact that driving it back and forth from my full time job back then it got a little over 20mpg on average. That little truck was geared with the 373 gears and did very well pulling with 1 60" ztr and 48 walk behind. STOPPING was where it gave me fits so I had trailer brakes installed and the problem was solved.

    I have never figured my fuel mileage before with my 98 z71 pulling a 16ft tandem trailer with 2 scag 61 ztrs and 1 exmark 48 walk behind. Whats everyone figure that thing is getting mileage wise?????
  6. torotorotoro

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    f-250 with 22 ft trailer laoded with a 60'' rider, 2 36'' wb, 52'' grstand, and a 21'' and i cant change a thing, nor would i. i need all that stuff.
  7. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    If I had down size to save gas something is wrong.
    I must not be charging the right price to cover my gas in my truck.
    Takes me 4 days to mow what I have now. If I bought smaller mowers my mowing week would be 8 days long and my profit will go down, not up.
    But for them (Shade Tree ) mowing companies that pulls there trailer during the day and haul kids at nite. It might work for you.
    1/2 trucks wont handle what I pull.
  8. mowcrazy

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    Just out of curiousity what all are you pulling at one time?
  9. topsites

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    Yeah I don't know about amusing but you're right, we (yes we) knew prices
    would go back up but be glad they only ignore you, they cuss me.

    It still hurts when it hit $4+ thou, but you are absolutely right, we knew 3 years ago it would be back to 4 by 2011.
    Well, here we are, it's 2011 and guess where gasoline prices are.

    So, who did their homework, who is prepared for it?
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  10. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    depends on what Im doing that day
    Days pulling 3 mowers
    Days pulling Skidloader sideways with a 4600 ford/truf shaper
    Days pulling pallets of wall blocks
    Days pilling dump trailer with anywhere 4-5 ton of rock
    I pull a 22'GN 16,000 trailer

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