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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Murphy, Mar 22, 2001.

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    Before I give my situation, I would like to say thatI am so glad I stumbled upon this site.... I have learned a great deal from those of you who have been there done that

    I am fairly new to lawn care, but have decided after apprx. 4 months that this PROFESSION is what I want to put all of my energy into and make a great living. My question is, I am going to try to get a government grant/loan to start my new small business. There are books out there that say they show where/how to apply for these grants. Have any of you guys/girls attempted this, if so, succesfully? I looking to get enough for new equipment, etc.
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    Murphy, Welcome to Lawnsite!I have a good friend that did that(7 years ago). He got enough to buy a front-deck Deere, a Deere walk-behind, Shindaiwa trimmer, blower, and hedge-trimmer (all new) He did real well. Just got out of business last year to start working with his father in-law. He loved it, while he was doing it.

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    good luck. if you have any luck let us know!

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    For more success with getting a grant. If you are a minority or are female you will have better luck. Also If you are a male but are married, I would suggest putting the business in the wifes name. That would give you minority status and a better shot at government contracts, City, utilities, phone co, etc. Good Luck!

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