Has anyone tryed bob-cat mowers


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My dealer just got some bob cat mowers in and they look like a very well made mowers. If you have tried them how did they handle, cut, stripe etc. I told my dealer I would like to demo one.



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never used there ztr but there w/b always worked great for me.. got some from the 90's still ticking.. Around me in Jersey, You see Procats EVERYWHERE.. they just got a new deck this year im not cure how that cuts yet.. i think its the same one they just opened up the discharge a few inches.. my older ones stripe very very well

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Think mine was a 09 or 10. 27hp Procat 61. Rode good striped good and cut good in the right cond. But did not cut with the Scag velocity side by side. Had to keep taking the Scag off the trailer to go over what the Procat cut. Traded it for another Scag. Dont know about the new deck it may be better


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I've been on most brands at some point in time and I run all Bobcats. Newest one is a 2010 i bought as a leftover last spring so I dont have any of the new decks but I have never had a problem with the cut as long as blades are sharp and conditions arent extreme (12'' grass, trying to cut a swamp, etc)


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Heard nothing but good things about them to cant see where you are on my phone, but my buddy sells them and has a 37dfi 60 inch a guy ordered, he paid cash for and really needs to blow it out if anyone is kinda close...
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Great machines. Been selling them for about 10 years now. Have very little issues with them and they are easy to deal with if there is a problem.

Alot of people on here dont like them compared to the Scags for whatever reason...but they will cut just like an Exmark. If you like the way they cut, it will be fine. If you like to use it as a brushhog then you might be better off with the Velocity deck.

The Procat was basically unchanged for 13-15 years. I forget now...but the changes they made late last year is the only major redesign its had.


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Thanks for the replies. I may demo just to check it out.
I don't know what the new top of the line Bob-Cat 61 inch ZTR costs but, back in 09 I bought a new one for $7k out the door. Best money I ever spent. I don't know that I would be all that thrilled about the newer ones though due to the more narrow area where your feet ride. I think the new Cheetah is similarly narrow up there and will lead to some nuts getting mashed. Anyone brave enough to admit that happening on those new mowers?