Has anyone used a JD Quicktrack, Wright Sentar or Stander?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassaholic, Sep 8, 2004.

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    I need a new mower and am undecided as to which mower to buy. Right now I am running a 26HP Walker with a 52" SD deck and a 20 HP Exmark Turf Tracer 52" deck. The Walker is a good mower but their dealer support really sucks in Ohio [which is the main reason I won't buy another one]. The bulk of my accounts are high end residential and I'm wanting to get away from the heavier riding mower. More often than not my lawns are soggy and wet and the Walker is too heavy. The Walker also takes up too much room in the trailer. My Exmark is great and I may buy another one but am considering the John Deer Quick Track, Wright Sentar, Wright Stander. I haven't demoed any of them yet but will soon.
    Before I demo any of these mowers I thought I'd get the forum members thoughts on them. One of the main things I'm worried about is the quality of the cut in tall thick fescue/bluegrass. Most of my accounts are fertilized and irrigated so they are always tall and green. I have to double cut the lawns most of the time to get the clean finished look my customers are after. My Exmark shoots the grass really far out of the shoot and disperses the clippings really well. Out of the 3 mowers mentioned which one is going to disperse the clippings the best? Is the John Deer 7 iron deck all its cracked up 2 be?
    Thanx, Micah
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    I have the John deere 647 Quicktrak . I love it. I run oem mulch blades and side discharge. It cuts great. I have no problem with lush or tall grass. Very seldom do I have to clean the deck. Very efficient mower. It dont take up much trailer space either.
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    Here's the deal the way I see it. I own a 52" Great Dane.. I would not buy another.. IMO it wouldn't be an option. I definatelly have a love/hate view of this machine... Here are some highlights first the bad:
    1 Since John Deere has bought out GD, parts can be VERY difficult to aquire.
    2 The deck sucks. Period. Terrible blowout ( so bad that I have to stop and clean off the engine's blower screen regularly or it will get hot ), the construction of it isn't the stoutest, the belt tensioner as delivered needed mods ( easy and cheap, but not something one should have to do on a brand new mower) and finally, IT WON'T discharge very well.. So far the only thing that has kept me from taking a loss and selling it has been running doubles.
    3 IMO the machine needs another 5hp...It's 22hp now..

    The good..
    1 I really love opperating it!!! I mean it, it's almost fun. Extremelly manuverable, you can "squerreil" it in and out of just about any where..
    2 Takes up VERY little space for a 52" mower
    3 I actually feel more confident on slopes than I do on a ZTR, you can use body english and the thing sticks like a goat.
    4 The quality of the cut is very good.
    5 It's as fast on open spaces as anything short of a Super Z or DC.. MINE turns 4,000 rpm's blades on..
    6 The ability to hop off if you are starting to bog down coupled with it's relativelly low weight are VERY handy features.. ( You can hop off and walk behind it, can't do that with a WRIGHT)

    It's a great machine with some major flaws unfortunately..

    I was unable to demo either a JD or a Wright..( You couldn't PAY me to buy anything from my local Wright dealer.. I suspect he might not be one too long either..) And I couldn't find a JD to demo..The only thing I don't really like that I can see about a Stander would be the fixed deck, however, I may demo one @another dealer as I think it wouldn't matter too much on a 36"er, which is what I need now.. As for the JD, I really think It MIGHT be the ultimate stand up as the 7 iron deck would get rid of most of the probs with the Surfer..
    Anyway, I love the concept of a Stand Up, I just wish someone made one that did EVERYTHING right, and is diesel!!!!
  5. Itsgottobegreen

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    Well I can answer this. I got both the stander and sentar. Both have the same deck design. Both throw the grass far. But not as far as my eXmark. If you want a floating deck, then the sentar is the choice. If you want a fix deck then the stander is the choice. I love both of mine. They both cut well. The sentar does weight quite a bit more. If I bought another one. I would buy another stander.
  6. grassaholic

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    Itsgottabegreen, Does your Sentar handle hillsides as well as your stander? The obvious answer would be no because the Sentar is heavier but, The Sentar appears to have larger drive tires and the engine is placed differently.

    My other question is, do you think that 19HP is enough power for a 52" Stander. I asked about the 23Hp 52" Stander and my local dealer's salesman told me that the 19Hp is the perfect balance for the 52" Stander . I think he was just feeding me a load of crap because he only has 2 19 Hp 52" Standers in stock and wants to get rid of them. When I asked about the Sentar all he had to say was, " Yea, we had one in the spring and sold it right away." :rolleyes: I guess I'll just have to demo the Stander but it's too bad he doesn't have a Sentar for me to try.
  7. NoWalk4Me

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    You're right about the dealer as far as the 19HP is concerned. I ran a Toro Hydrowalk 52/20HP Kohler for a couple of years and I wouldn't run any less Hp w/ a 52". The 19 would prob do the job but I'd go for more HP and you won't be disappointed. Never used a Wright before. Good friend runs the JD and absolutely loves it. He's had it about 4 months and still brags on that thing everytime I see him. Good luck on your search.
  8. Itsgottobegreen

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    Well I have had it to 30 degrees. I have had the standers well past that. I know it will do more. I have seen a property cut by another LCO with a 40 degree hill. He uses a 52" sentar. I haven't tried it on more, since most of my properties are to uneven for a 61". So I hardly used my 61" sentar (why I want to trade for a 52", anybody got one) It only gets to mow the field hockey field that I take care of. Which is why it only had 37 hours on it.

    23 hp is the smallest engine you want on a 52" sentar. I have 25hp on my 61" and wish I had more. Also I have 17 hp 52" stander. Everyday I wish I had the 23hp kawi, even the 19 hp engine. The next stander I buy will be a 23 hp version. The 19 hp is a popular choice for the 52" stander.

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