Has anyone used a MAS Controller?



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What is there about your proposed installation that won't work with a simple on-or-off pump?
Hey Wet Boots, I'm trying to figure out the best way to trigger the pump when I need water for an irrigation system. I came across the MAS Controller but it looks like a glorified pressure switch. My current Sprinkler controller has a MV connection and I was thinking that I could use a Master Valve to tell the pump when I need water. I called Berkeley and they said that they don't recommend a pressure tank. You have helped me in the past and was wondering if a MV would be the best way to go or should I use a pressure switch? Also, I would like the system to shut down if I develop a leak.

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I'm not sure why they would recommend against a pressure tank, unless they have some concerns about the pump itself not holding against a constant pressure, which is not exactly inspiring confidence.

I look at the manufacturer page on the SSHM pump, and I see that it shows a max operating pressure of 130 psi, which is less than I would want on a pump pressurizing a main line running 120 feet uphill, so maybe that's a reason they don't like the idea of a pressure tank.
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I've used them for years, great units, as long as they were on a booster pump. I switched over to on-demand so I could fine tune the pump output a little easier. As long as you're asking for a given pressure, the MAS would be my vote. No tank needed. :clapping: