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Has anyone used Taskeasy?


LawnSite Member
Did anyone catch the meeting yesterday, 04/18/2019? I am busy working don't have time to be on the phone. Between two contractors mention conversation on the phone, you become elite automatically if you make in the A or B rating contractor. I was like holy cow so, if you are good contractor they charge you extra??

If is lol I prefer be the bad one :drinkup:.


LawnSite Member
I drop them. Been working with then since 2016 until 2019. Less stress and specially hurricane seasons coming up. They will bother you on the phone to go out and take pictures for them to be sure if mowing can be completed.

Ooh one more thing to mention they added in the app to give authority to enable gps. I reject. It organises your task automatically based on your location but at the same is giving your location where are you and have more control why tasks haven't been completed.


LawnSite Senior Member
Looking back this is funny as I was a high rated contractor, but I recall them trying to charge more if you were "elite" for "work priority".

Too much hassle for the pay. The bottom line is that landscaping is very low margin and doesn't have much you can really cut and make a living. It only works on high margin jobs like tree cutting. These things all end up the same, trying to find fly-by-nights who will do the work cheap before fizzling out.

Glad I moved on. I now do real estate (residential and commercial). This is basically just fun exercise for me at this point.

Hope you all are doing well in your journey!


LawnSite Silver Member
Are they still around? I started out with them. Had maybe half a dozen lawns just to get the ball rolling with mjy accounts. Several customers ended up coming to me and avoiding the middle man. Just wonder if they are still out there. The pay was typically not great but I do still have a few accounts that were led by taskeasy originally until I left the platform. Overall, good filler if you need it, i no longer can take on more accounts.


LawnSite Senior Member
Upstate NY
Yeah they are still around I have one weekly client with them. It covers my 636m payment. This one is straightforward just a before and after pic front and back. I had one last year that required about 7 pics before and after which was a real pita.

This year they changed payout from previous config where you would get it a couple days after servicing/client approval, they now are on a fixed biweekly payout schedule so depending on when you service you may wait up to 3 weeks for the pay. I guess still better than the 30 day terms I offer my own clients.