Has anyone worked for SLM ?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by acutabovelandscapinginc, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. acutabovelandscapinginc

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    Has anyone worked for SLM before? If so, good or bad experience? Comments please.
  2. rodfather

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    Who is SLM?

    CLARK LAWN LawnSite Silver Member
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    i just asked that about a week ago. They are a property manegement co. They are taking over some stuff that U.S. Maintenance had. Only problem i have with them so far is they faxed me the bid sheets at about 5:30 pm on friday july 13 and wanted them back by july 15. Did not make it by their deadline i called on monday morn. and they would no longer accept them because they missed the due date.
  4. bohiaa

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    I had a co call me like this one your talking about,

    I posted here and everyone said forget it,

    they tried t olow ball me and they had a ton of do's and donts

    forget them

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