has anyone worked for trugreen?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by lyndont, Feb 10, 2011.

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    I work for a similar company. They usually call us in if it starts to rain, but we have definitely worked in some not so ideal conditions. You're right they can't fire you for doing the right thing, but you A) won't get a good bonus because you didn't meet your quota or B) will be working on Saturday. Either way you will be getting yelled at for not being in schedule and falling behind in your routes.
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    I agree with you but they still have the choice. I guess I just stand up for my decisions more than most. I never was afraid to be yelled at by my bosses especially for something that would make them sound ignorant. I've always found it funny that they yell at people for the stupid stuff rather than the important things like quality, or customer service.
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    I agree it's not right, everyone's so worried about getting everything done and meeting goals that customer service and quality goes out the window. The techs who actually seem to care will end up working more hours, and getting paid less. If I'm getting paid the same whether I work 5 or 6 days a week, I'm sure as hell not working on Saturday if I have a choice. I'd rather spend the weekend with my family, not riding around spraying(probably still in 20mph winds) Obviously if it was my company I would do things a little differently, but for barely over minimum wage, why bother.
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    I lost ya at the barely over minimum wage part. I run my own business, just finished my second your and I make plenty more than minimum wage. When I worked at TG I was the top producer 1700 and done by 2, I know how it is. Eventually I realized that that place sucks on so many levels I couldnt work for them any more. I now make more money and do 1/10th the lawns I had to.
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    I was talking about the tech's salary when working a 55 hour week, doesn't amount to much on base salary. Again, I do not work for TG so it may be a little different. Unfortunately I'm not quite to the point where I can jump ship and do my own thing. I'm aiming for about a year from now, can't wait!
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    Oh, haha. Ya, especially with the chinese overtime. It is totally a balance of how much you can get done the fastest with doing the best you can. I clloected equipment for a few years before I started, so I could start without a loan. It's def. better running your own thing but a lot of work and a lot of ups and downs in the beginning. Good Luck to you sir.
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    i worked for the grandfather of trugreen. chemlawn it was a great place to work and learn but the corprate line was always halftruths and the hours were very long, goals were unrealistic sales and production. the motto was treat your help good treat the customer good and the money will follow which was true until the evil started. turn over of manangement and help ruined the company which was eventaully sold to trugreen from what i here they do not care about there customers and i doubt they really care about there help either. just my opinion
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    I worked for ChemLawn back in the mid 80's, back when the Dick Duke and Jack Van Fossen ran it. Great company back then. TruGreen was a competitor back than, we laughed at them. The only questionable thing I remember was having to go out and spray the day before Hurricane Gloria hit. The forecast called for 6"-8" of rain. When we aked why, we were told they did a study and only 1 out of 4 would demand a re-treat. They could live with that. I quit a few months after Ecolab bought them as I saw the writing on the wall.
    TG/CL, now just TG, is a joke around here. It's common to see them spraying in pouring rain and high winds. Personal appearance doesn't matter, back in the CL days there were no beards and hair couldn't touch your collar. Now it's not unusual to see TG applicators in dreadlocks wearing wife-beaters.
    I could go on and on, but it'd be beating a dead horse.
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    I worked for TG/CL for about 5 yrs. Like most have said it has its good and bad. Pay was garbage, hours where long, and customer care was last on the list. They "said" the customer was important but the numbers in reality were most important. I've sprayed in snow, pouring rain, howling wind, and freezing cold weather. I ran a resi lawn route, resi tree route, commercial tree route and a commercial lawn route.

    The Good: I did get good on property expierence. I learned every excuse in the book why lawn looked like crap. I learned a lot about re-building pumps. Trouble shooting equipment was probably the biggest thing I learned. When you have to do 30-40 stops a day you get good at jimmy rigging things. I did meet a lot of great people who have helped me grow my biz. And I did get a lot of great referrals from TG (mowing not fert).

    The Bad: Pay was garbage. Most guys with smarts who had expierence didn't stick around very long and once guys knew wnough they moved on. Long hours, I can remember doing 40 stops in a day, then doing a commercial night tree spray til 4 am. Chinese math for OT. Not paying you for lunch, but you never took one. Did I meantion pay was garbage!

    If you have zero expierence in the biz and you wanna learn go for it. You'll learn how to route effciently, learn to jimmy rig, and you can learn how to treat a lawn without having the personal liability! Two seasons wouldn't hurt! It will only make you better....and don't let anyone fool you, every biz owner is going to push! Anyone on here with a successful spray biz pushes hard!

    Good luck!
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    In FL they are almost a necessary evil. You need 1 or 3 years pulling hose depending on if you have a degree or not just to sit for the test. If I were 18 I would do it just to get that much coveted license down here. Use them the way they will use you.
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