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Has anyone worked with Techo bloc graphix wall?

Will Fowler

LawnSite Member
Hillsborough NC
Hey everyone,
I was wondering if any of y’all have worked with the graphix product. The reason I’m asking is I have a customer that is dead set on this product, but the wall they want is a slight outside curve and when I say slight I mean a radius of about 54 feet. The problem is this wall is 3D and only comes in straight units (not meant to be curved)

I understand how much work this will be, I have built walls out of straight wall units that turned out great. On top of that these people don’t mind paying for the work, they just want what they want and are willing to pay the extra labor this will involve. My question is if it is at all possible to build a curved wall with this product while still keeping the desired completed look. I have never worked with this product before so any input from someone who has is greatly appreciated.

My 3D design of this project is included below to help give an idea of the shape/scope of this project.




LawnSite Member
What clips does it use the bowties? I'm not familiar with that line but if they are squared units its gonna be a tremendous amount of work to trim each piece to fit. It would be less work to form and pour or even block a wall out amd veneer it, might even be cheaper material wise. Techos higher end stuff is stupid expensive, they have brand recognition pricing anymore


LawnSite Member
Belleville, IL
We sell the product but not sure you can curve it. I think you'd have a lot of waste and lose the cool look effect of the wall. If they want that wall, square it off and add more patio space