Has liability insurance ever saved your behind?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by K.Carothers, Jan 25, 2006.

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    Im going to try to make a long story short!! a friend of mine had a guy who got hurt bad, he lost a nut and three fingers!!! he had no workers comp and did not have him on the payroll, he was trying the 1099 sub thing that a lot of people think of.. well needless to stay he has been in litigation for over five years now and cant buy a house, cars ect in fear that they will be taken away, basically he has to live broke ( fun right??? ).. I also had a slip and fall three days after a snow storm, they said it was a thaw and refreeze thing.. I thought it was BS but anyways I told management to call my ins and i also contacted them myself and that was that I haven't heard anything about yet!! I agree ins suck's but you gotta have it!!!!!!
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    Backed into a garage door with mower - $1600.00.
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    I went to the Netherlands once. Everyone in the Netherlands rides a bicycle for transportation. When you look around, all the bikes are old and rusty.

    I asked a guy why he didn't get a new bike...he said.."because nobody will steal an old rusty bike".

    Maybe the lowballers have a secret...drive junk, push an older mower, and look poor. They're probably less likely to get ripped off or sued than the guy with the new enclosed trailer with big lettering stating "we are insured".

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