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Has this happened to you?


LawnSite Member
niles, mi
I just got my first big commercial account and I under estimated it to much I thought I would take about 3 hours, but it actually takes about 5. And what would you charge for a lawn that would take 5 hours to cut?



LawnSite Bronze Member
Raleigh, NC
I would charge $500-$600 for a lawn that takes 5 hours with 3 guys. Anything extra would be more. From the way it sounds though... you are cutting it by yourself. What do you want to make?


LawnSite Platinum Member
Shawnee Kansas
5 hours of mostly mowing or 5 hours of mostly trimming with little mowing?

To many tangibles to give you a good answer.


LawnSite Senior Member
Elk River, MN
I have done this in the past. Not much you can do about it now that it's a done deal. Except it, learn from it, and keep them happy cuz when its time to renew for next year and they like your work, it will be an easier pill for them to swallow if you raise there price.