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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by chefj, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. justgeorge

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    Another Tilley hat user here. I've had my first one 10 years now. I bought a bigger Tilley to fit over my headphones so now I mostly wear that one.
  2. chefj

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    I purchase a Sun Day hat, it has the flap in the back to protect my neck, and is very light. It was 35 bucks, so hopefully it will last a couple of years. Not quite the 79 that the tilley hats were.
  3. CMassey

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    I wear a Columbia boonie hat. SPF 50 and vented in the top. It will run you about 30 bucks, but I have had mine for years. Also it is washable.
  4. I have a Field and Stream large brim with neck cover I got for $9 @ Ross. Does the trick and should get another year out of it. won't drop 80 on a hat.
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  5. Patriot Services

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    E4HATS.COM for classic jungle boonie hat in SPF50 protection.
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  6. StratsRock

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    This is what I wear. I've been getting mine from Amazon lately. I have 5 of them to launder and switch out. Very light weight and the sides snap up for ear muffs.
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  7. nashlawn01

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    Pith helmet. Like zoo keepers and mail carriers wear. I bought 3 from gemplers. Tan green and orange. I think they were 20 bucks a piece
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  8. Patriot Services

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    Adding Tinosorb to your laundry increases the uv protection significantly and lasts for 20 cycles. Skin cancer is no joke. I see old folks here with missing ears and noses from it.
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  9. redmax fan

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    personally after reading past 20 years on nutrition / natural healing methods i believe we wouldnt get skin cancer if we were eating a natural unproccessed whole plant food diet straight from earth . its all the proccessed / canned / bottled / chemically preserved trash were ingesting thats leading to cancerous prone cells . including sugar and oils , though oils more so a cardio system issue (builds up and solidifies). where as you build your cells of the proper whole , mostly raw , plant foods and water theyre too vital to be over come by disease / cancer . we of this modern day society are eating like a bunch of idiots , common sense at an all time low . people prodded into eating junk by the brain washing device the tvs been turned into , SHUT IT OFF ! if not for your sake the sake of your kids !!
  10. redmax fan

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