I wear ear muffs when working (with built in radio). I'm looking for a large hat (western style or panama style or maybe jungle pith style)to protect my neck from the sun. Has anyone seen something that can be worn over the ear muffs?

Eric ELM

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I wear my FM hearing protectors over a Dixie Chopper cap. :D You could always wear a bandana around your neck. Does anyone know if a company makes hearing protectors with digital tuning? When I go under trees, the knob moves and changes my station. I have a Peltor now, which is great except for the station changing. I've had them for 4 seasons, so they have been good ones. :)


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I use corded earplugs and a Sony Walkman Model SRF-HM55 (its yellow) you can preset 5 stations and change at the touch of a button. Its about 70 bucks and its real durable as well as being good in the rain. I bought mine at Best Buy.
There are alot of guys around here that use these.

Although, as loud as that Chopper is you might have to get an amplifier:)


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You might try a baseball cap with a bandana hanging down the back under the cap to protect your neck and ears similar to what you might see in some old John Wayne calvary movies.


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Outdoor stoors and catalogues tend to have caps with material hanging off the back to protect your neck. Also try Eddie Bauer, LLBean, Eastern sports.
As for hearing, I wear the Elvex FM stereo. Worked great the first season, but there not durable enough. The wires inside break just from changing the battery. Forget about dropping them (get out the soldering Iron and get to work).

good luck


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I can score you a "boonie hat" in either woodland camo or desert camo. It will fit over the head phones. They keep you really cool in the sun. Drop me an e-mail if I can help. If their good enough for us, it should work for you! :)



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W.E.Chapps sells neck sheilds that attach to ball caps . I have used these several years without getting that RED NECK look.
MOWED, be careful. Your Sony does not provide hearing protection. The Peltor's that ELM uses and the Elvex that I use are approved with 25 to 27 db. The radio will not turn up past 80db I think. This has been my first summer with them and they are great. With the loss of hearing from sirens we don't need to help ut along with weed eaters and rock-n-roll.


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I used a Walkman for a bit, but I stopped because the ignition system caused a squealing sound over the head phones. None of you have problems with the sets you use? Tell me more, it gets a bit boring listening to the blades turning :)