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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Ron Coleman, Sep 15, 2003.

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    For the past few weeks I've been following the posts on lawn renovation and the information seems to be working.

    On September 6, I seeded my front lawn with the Best of The Blues KBG and I have GREEN GRASS starting to pop up today. This past week seems to have been ideal for seed germination, low temps in the 60's and highs about 80.

    A little background on the lawn, a heavy infestation of Nimble Will and Creeping bent grass has been slowly taking over the yard for the last 10 years. The lawn is about 1200 sq ft.

    In August I NUKED it all with 2 doses of Round Up and after everything was dead I rented a sod cutter and removed all the dead sod.

    I added topsoil to change the grade in several areas and added a tile and catch basin to intercept runoff from my neighbor.

    I seeded with 3 pounds of The Best of the Blues and mulched it all with Seed Aide. I'm not sure the Seed Aide was necessary but I don't like the mess from straw. The Seed Aide wasn't cheap but the yard has some slope and I wanted to control any erosion and help keep the seed bed moist.

    During the past week the whole yard was kept moist and never allowed to dry out.

    I was ready for a 2-3 week wait for germination with the bluegrass but it looks like the wait is over.

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    I had similar results. I seeded on 9/7 with KBG, had germination on 9/13. 6 days. Why do they advertise 14-28 days? Must be under average conditions I guess.
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    Congrats guys

    Good luck with the new lawns.

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