Hauling away yard debris



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I have already billed this, but customer is not happy with charges. I think they are fair, but wondering what others charge. This was loaded by hand into a dump truck, then driven to dump site. Thanks again.


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I work cheap, but maintain a dump truck is not cheap, real surprised anyone would complain about 80$.

Id have too pay that bill real fast before you changed your mind.

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$80 for loading it all off of a driveway and hauling it to dump.

How long did it take you to load and unload the debris?. How much did it cost to dump the load??. How long did it take you to travel between the customer and dump and back home???. If you were able to accomplish everything and have no charge to dump the debris within 1 hour you can say you grossed $80.00 for 1 hours work. If you spent any more time than an hour and had to pay a dump fee as well you are working for the customer and not yourself.
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5 yards would of been north of $125 depends on how far I had to drive. But not sure why you didn't tell them the cost. If someone tells me to do X, I say it will cost X. No surprises!

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