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Hauling Debris


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Well this question may have been asked in the past, but I figure with the new season coming up maybe this is a good time for this thread. How do you guys haul things such as, grass clippings, leaves, thatch that you clean up from the lawns and such from your lawn mower bagger??
I want to use my dump truck as much as possible but considering my bagger is a clamshel type i cant dump it into the dump truck, instead what i did last year was use a tarp inside my trailer and dumped the leaves on there, then it was a bare to pull the tarp out and dump them.
I am starting to think about buying a dump trailer so i can drive my lawn mower on that and dump it in there. Also might get a big enough dump trailer so i can haul a skid steer on it as well, seen them advertised in "Turf Magazine."
Your thoughts or suggestions.


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Lake Placid Fl
There is a guy who has a small hydraulic lift on the side of his dump truck, he just backs up (to what looks like a bobcat bucket)and dumps his grass clippings into it. Then he pushes the button and it raises and dumps over the side. Very neat set up.

Camelot Gardens Uk

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We haul a lot of grass cuttings, leaves, soil, general rubbish to our dump. I had this truck made, high sides with a tail lift (lifts 1/2 ton), truck is a tipper as well.


We buy soil in Uk in 1 ton "bags" which are not returnable so we use them in the gardens and drag them / barrow to the truck.