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Hauling leaves/debris


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Jackson MS
Hey i have a 1/2 ton trucka and a 12X6 tandem trailer but when i do a yard i just leave any bags on curb. When ya'll haul leaves/bags where do you take them and how do you unload?


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1) I never haul bags, I never bag leaves. Despite some people who insist on this method, it is not something I do.

2) If leaves need hauling, I put them in my trailer with rake+tarp, then I got a 1-acre lot I use. If the trailer fills up, I get up in it and walk around and stomp them down then put more on top... It is nice I got 2-foot steel sides and no, I'll never add higher sides to it but I do use a large tarp to cover them up and that consumes 10-15 minutes because of all the rope to tie down.
Far as unloading, rake or pitchfork thou SOMETIMES the backpack blower works (usually it doesn't) and it takes anywhere from 30-45 minutes.
So, I charge an hour for hauling in addition to the time it takes to cleanup and load.


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westwind said:
18hp truck leaf-loader. 16 ft. dump trailer, boxed in. We dump at a local farm, and he tills it under as compost.
It's nice to live in MN, huh?? :waving:

I've got 17 acres and we do the same for our garden.