Hauling mulch "Bulk"


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Who also hauls mulch ?? like for hire, Im talk 20yds or more at a time. What do some of you pay for having it delivered ?

D Felix

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I have yet to see anything smaller than a tri-axle capable of hauling 20+ yards at a time..

I think the most I've been able to stuff on a truck is around 15, and that was with a 16' bed.

We get our mulch delivered out of Martinsville, don't know what the delivery charge is, but we get it 100 yards at a time...



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17 to 22yd is going to cost ya 55-67 bucks in delivery fee from Tiffany or Indiana Mulch, depending on the zip code ya have it delivered to. The cost of the mulch is based on the prior year purchases. The best deal is on a walking floor trailer, but then ya gotta store it, load it, and transport it. There are lots of guys delivering in 10 or 12yd dump trailers.