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Hauling question


LawnSite Senior Member
Trenton, Ohio
Not sure where to put this question, but does anyone do any type of Hauling? I had a guy call me today wanting me to haul his back hoe from Indiana to Ohio. Wanted to know what the going rate on this is so I can give him a price. ANyone???? That'd be great!!!!! THANKS!


LawnSite Fanatic
Shoot, it would probably be cheaper to call a Freight Co., I think some years ago it would've cost me $400 to have a Wb shipped from VA to ID (2400 miles), I just don't foresee how anyone can compete with nationwide trucking co's.

I'm not even sure on the prices, these are a bit ballpark.

No doubt a backhoe would cost more, but I remember a fellow would charge 2-3 grand to ship cars (yes, price per each) across state lines across some considerable distances (again usually 1-2 thousand miles) and he had a 6-car carrier so he could plan his routes to where most of it was covered before he got rolling.

Most freight carriers charge one way, and it's a little higher than 2-way shipping (which is unusual but not totally) but it is the owner-operator who worries about having a return load, for the most part.

See I guess you'd have to charge by the mile, but you'll get up to 6-700 real quick and 1-2 thousand's not far behind, then you have to worry about covering the way back. I'm not so sure if it's a viable alternative seeing how you'd likely be looking at a full ton p/u truck (350 / 3500) and a heavy duty double axle trailer, maybe a gooseneck...

You could, and I might suggest it, check into some freight carrier pricing, maybe do a google.


LawnSite Bronze Member
I knew a guy that had a Lada (russian car) shipped from Nova Scotia to Manitoba for $1100. I think he used the Rail Road.