Hauling walk behinds.

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    the break out force of a mower like a ZTR coming to a sudden stop, say, on the free way would far exceed the 2000 lb limit of the little ratchet strap, it would go flying anyway.

    It will probably work for a push mower.

    There is TONS of crap in the back on pick up trucks everywhere. Do you think every tom dick and harry straps down the random bricks, shovels, and what have you back there?

    no one stops every pick up out there.
    they are looking for yahoos that give them an excuse to pull you over.

    If your mowers are sloshing to and fro every stop light, the DOT doesn't have to snag you a regular cop might.

    this is another reason all together why I just plain hate trailers, at least for mowers.
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    I just re-checked… we run several CDL A trucks.

    Federal law doesn't kick in until 10,000 lbs on equipment., so DOES NOT apply to lawn mowers (unless you got one Bad A$$ mower!)

    so individual state laws apply.

    PA, by the way is well known for it's corrupt interpretation of laws in order to generate revenue…Both state and philly pd are renown… So I owuldnt put it past them to make stuff up.

    4 points of contact are only required on something over 10k…so that cop telling someone your mower needed 4 points was 100% wrong.
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    I screw down 2x4's to the trailer floor so I can park the mower's back wheel right there (like a permanent wheel chalk essentially). I just bought my Wright mower in Indianapolis a few weeks ago. Basically all highway time....70 mph is the speed limit in Indy. The mower did not move an inch...no straps.
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    This is feasible… highways in many parts of the country (not the north east or Alaska) are smoother than a pancake.

    I generally don't spend a lot of time traveling, nor do I go on the highway (like ever to mow a route)

    I HAVE traveled on a highway before with mowers but it was transporting them to a route… the route itself doesn't involve the highway.
    drive times are generally 7-12 minutes depending on the route… no long runs at 70 mphs…maybe 25-30, but usually less.
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    I-74 from Cincy to Indy is hilly, but smooth.

    Oh, and I just checked the trailer when I let the dog out. I used 2x2...not 2x4's.

    Also, good news here in SW Ohio...the grass is growing! We're a week away I'd imagine. Thank god.
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    Just my take on things: When an LCO who doesn't strap their equipment down becomes the cause of a traffic accident that leads to a death by flying equipment, you're likely getting charged with some level of negligent homicide. You better believe if someone in my family was killed by a flying piece of equipment, whether it be from the bed of a truck or from a trailer, even if it was strapped down with non-weight-appropriate straps, I'm making damn sure they're getting pursued for negligence. And its not even about getting money out of it, its the principle behind it. IMO it is unacceptable to put others at that sort of risk.

    Edit: How are you going to feel when you see someone laying on the road, cold and lifeless as a result of your negligence. Were those few minutes of time you saved worth killing an innocent person?
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    Heck I don't even strap myself in, I have never moved an inch. What's the point? :hammerhead:
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    if you get into a car accident of the magnitude you're talking about, there are already dead people everywhere….equipment doesn't just get up off the trailer/truck and fly around in matrix like zero G, whizzing about like obi wan kenobi using the force.

    The impact necessary to launch a mower like that any distance, with any force has already killed the people involved due to impact.

    If you get into a normal traffic accident there might be a mower say 10 feet from the truck, and weed whackers 15-20.

    I've seen plenty of heavy impacts before…. this whirring around stuff isn't what happens, it's fantasy.

    IF this had an commonality, you would be reading about it.
    Commercial mowers have been riding around unstrapped no killing people, for decades.
    More people are killed or maimed from RIDING operational ones in s single summer than anyone has in my life time, been so much as injured my an uncontrolled flying mower launched from a vehicular collision.
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    Actually he is not. I see on average at least 15 different crews daily here and almost never do you see any equipment strapped down. The only ones I have seen were on trailers with no sides.
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    Hey there... We pull the pin and drop both decks on our ferris z's because when the trailer bounces a lot, the deck on the mower slams up and down with the possibility of throwing it out of level. I don't really want to put added stress on the chains that hold the deck either. Leveling the decks are a real ***** for me and I'd rather take all precautions. I'm not saying everyone needs to do it, I just think it's a good idea. A few old timers always recommended that to me.
    Any thoughts on this?... Seemed legit when I heard about doing it.
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