Have 52" ZTR 8mph....what should I get to increase production??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by thefed, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. thefed

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    We have a 52" ZTR Bobcat....works great. I can cut at max speed if the grass isn't TOO long....so 8mph.

    If we land a contract I'm pretty sure of, we're going to need 2 consider it while we choose our next rider...which was coming this spring anyhow

    We'd be mowing a good 15 wide open acres with 2 riders....the 52" we have...and another to be purchased soon. The catch is that we have only 3 or 4 more properties where we can mow full-go, and 50+ that are 1/4 acre residentials....so this new rider must work in as many of the smaller lots as possible.

    I'm thinking a 60" might be perfect. Anyone know how long it takes to mow an acre with a 52" or 60"? My wild guess based on experience is...well... we can cut 1 acre (creek in middle,5 trees, barn,driveway,house,garage) with the 52" in about 30minutes DRY or 40 minutes normally...so without obstacles....25 mins on a 52 for a decent cut??? 100% speed wouldnt produce a decent cut ....we've gotta make this look pretty good.
  2. Happy Frog

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    Bad Boy Lightning 60"
    With the full suspension, you'll be cutting at 14mph and it is still small enough for small properties.
  3. ProStreetCamaro

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    Gravely 160Z. It is the perfect blend of heavy duty and size for both large and smaller lawns. We are about to pull the trigger on one in the next 2 weeks. It has a very low center of gravity and it is as compact as a 60" ZTR can possibly be.
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    Here are two formulas for calculating acres per hour. You want to use the the 80% efficiency since it allows for turns and overlapping, it will give you a much better idea of the real number of acres per hour you'll be cutting. Hope this helps.

    Formulas for calculating acres per hour:
    100% efficiency: MPH x width of cut ÷ 99 = acres per hour
    80% efficiency: MPH x width of cut ÷ 124 = acres per hour

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