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    Hi guys
    I have a ?? about a wall job. I got a call today for a versa-lok wall. i mow
    his lawn so i know this guy. The wall will be 5 "ft" high by 30 "ft" long.
    I can get the block for $ 5.00 each. I will need top-caps to. I will have
    to get about 10 ton of stone for backfill i get it for $ 20 a ton. And will
    need topsoil that is $25 a ton. Do i charge like $15 a block with labor
    for the wall. I will need about 660 block's with top-caps. $200 for the stone.
    and $125 for the topsoil. If i charge $15 a block that would be $9,900 for
    the wall. and $325 for the stone & topsoil. it would be $10,225.
    Is that right can any of you guy's give me any info on this. Thanks
    ;) payup
  2. cgland

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    Firstly, a wall that high will need engineering. What kind of slope is behind the wall? What type of soil? How will you excavate? Cut block? Compact? Unless you do this alot, you will have to rent a bunch of equipment. You will definately need Geo-grid. Based on 2 pulls of grid and w/o knowing some of the basics my price is around $13,580. This is only a guesstimate. I need much more info. :confused:

    LAWNPRO2 LawnSite Member
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    Hi Chris
    There is a wall there now i will have to remove. It is made out of landscaping
    timber's. The wall is 25 years old. It is a drive way a wall is on each side of it.

    1? The soil is like a rock dirt mix it is dry dirt.

    2? I have a kubota for the digging.

    3? I got a cutoff saw for the block?

    4? I can get a tamper of my friend

    there not much of a slope on the one side and there is no slope
    on the other side :drinkup:

    LAWNPRO2 LawnSite Member
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    I will try to get a pic
  5. cgland

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    If you have a pic that would be great! Is there drainage tile behind the wall? If not, you will need some. This is where I see alot of newbies fail. They think that all they need to account for is block, stone and soil, but there is much, much more to it (just in materials alone...not to mention extra labor) Just make sure you have all of your bases covered. Good luck! payup

  6. YardPro

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    cg land is right.
    that wall will need to be engineered. It will run about $500.00 for an engineered wall plan.

    if you build it you are liable if it's not stamped.

    also talk with the versalock rep. they will help you with the steps you need to follow, and probably help with pricing. they don't want a wall built with thier product to fail, or to be under priced.
  7. o-so-n-so

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    Sounds like very solid advise.......please listen to them and save yourself some stress and money.
  8. chesie

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    Please listen to what these guys have to say. There is more to it than stacking blocks. A wall like this w/o properly compacted footing, drainage, grid, etc WILL fail. Could you imagine this wall failing with the owners car in the drive?
  9. SWD

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    All very good advise.
    Also, make sure the compactor you are getting from your friend is a vibratory plate not a jumping one.
    Definately go through this wall plan with the rep and the engineer.
  10. kris

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    How are you coming up with those prices? Is it just something you have read on here or heard that you should charge 2x the block?
    How about the disposal of the old wall?
    Any trucking?

    Personally we charge so much for base course ... another price for the other courses...another for caps, all dependent on access etc.

    Can you tell me how many man-hours you think this will be?

    Sounds to me like you don't have much experience which is fine but I can't tell you what to charge.

    Take your time and do a professional job.

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