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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ryebread211, Mar 28, 2011.

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    ^This post needs to be deleted^

    I understand that there is a homeowner forum here on Lawnsite, but this person is looking for advice from a professional. How many commercial guys here read the homeowner forum and give advice? I doubt many. Cut the guy some slack...he means no harm.
  3. buckhigh

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    I personally would keep what you have now; save some more money, and look into buying a walk behind. Lightly used or new. You'll get good exercise, and have the option to discharge or bag. Once you establish your cutting patterns, stripes will look beautiful without the stripe kit. Save your money.

    Good luck and keep us posted on what you decide to do.
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    If your talking about the Simplicity Regent Series it is a excellent tractor and strips really well. The cutting deck hangs AND it has full length rollers so it's a TRUE floating deck for a better cut and no scalping. Some cutting decks just hang from chains & without the roller they won't follow the contours of your lawn should you move somewhere else with a bigger lawn.

    Otherwise you should just keep the Cub Cadet tractor to cut your lawn with.
  5. ryebread211

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    Problem is the current 42" deck is rusted through in 4 different places and it doesnt turn worth a darn. I currently have the plow mounted to it, which is a pain in the ass to change. Thought now was a good time to switch! I'll keep the Cub for plowing in the winter.
    As I have been looking at Simplicity tractors, i really want one but it seems the bagging systems are expensive as crap. The turbo bagger are almost $1000. My current Cub doesnt shred the grass worth a darn, but I know the Simplicity def will. Im trying to decide if i really need a bagger.. or mulch... or just be careful with the side discharge!
    Im capped at $3000...
  6. h2oskier

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    Good Luck Rye, and by the way the stripes look good.
  7. TuffWork

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    Unfortunately, none of us can see your yard in person. Otherwise we could tell you more. Personally, I'm too far out of zone to help you at all.
  8. knox gsl

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    $1000 for a bagger is cheap try $3000+ for my mower. Get the simplicity and a good leaf blower.
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    Hey Rye I actually have a lawn renovation client there around the corner from you :waving: His back yard is very steep and ends at a wooden stockade fence.I wouldn't take my zero turn's on it but did use my commercial walk behind with no problem.Don't know how steep your hill is, you might want to check the angle before getting a zero turn.Tractor would probably be a little safer due to the fixed wheels opposed to the swivel casters.It's not fun sliding down a hill sideways on a zero turn heading for your fence. Been there and done that.If your mowing hills make sure what ever mower you get has a pressurized oil system so you don't burn it up on the hills.
  10. Richard Martin

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    That's actually a very reasonable price.

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