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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ryebread211, Mar 28, 2011.

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    Nice Stripes aswell as a nice lawn! Tough to get a read on what size yard you have, but I am guessing an acre? If that is the cast then you are in Hustler Sport territory aswell as the BadBoy MZ! two fine mowers and will give you the stripe you want aswell as speed and maneuverability! I would stay with a 42" or 48". If engines and transmissions mean allot you can move up to the Superduty series on the Hustler. I myself just picked up a 42" Hustler Fastrak 42" Superduty (Mini Z) Which is perfect for an acre or two!
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    This is a forum for Hustler owners or someone that is thinking of buying one, Landscraper1. I am a homeowner that owens a fastrak 48 and I would never have bought a Hustler if it wasnt for this forum.. I would have bought a Bad Boy mower. Seeing PJ the rep. for Hustler, answering questions and the rest of the people on here IS THE ONLY REASON I BOUGHT A HUSTLER to cut my 2 1/2 acres. Proud owner of a Hustler mower

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