Have an accountant but need landscape software for billing

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by GoldnGreenLandscaper, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. GoldnGreenLandscaper

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    Hi all. I have an accountant for income and expense purposes and handles all my sales tax due monthly etc. This should cancel out the need for Quickbooks I assume. However, I do all my billing through Microsoft Word and Excell and am outgrowing this method pretty fast.

    I am in need of something more specific to landscaping and mainly for billing, scheduling, and generally keeping track of clients whether it be one time jobs or maintenance contracts. Any good suggestions?
  2. JB1

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    why don't you ask your accountant he can point you the way.
  3. GoldnGreenLandscaper

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    He is kind of old school. Worth a shot but can't say it will look promising. Does anyone use any good programs to do billing and run the business etc??
  4. cpllawncare

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    We use quickbooks online, you may want to look into service pro, jobber, qxpress, there are a lot of options like everything else depending on your budget.
  5. knox gsl

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  6. Roger

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    To the OP: Your arrangement with the accountant seems a bit strange. Since he/she is doing income and expense work, h/s would need to know about the invoicing. And, if they need to know about invoicing, h/s would be specific on the rest of the procedure.

    Any invoice has to be satisfied with an incoming payment. If h/s is managing incoming revenue, h/s would be managing your bank account. But, insuring the payments match the invoice is critical.

    With what you have said, I would be surprised that h/s would assume the tasks, without being very specific on how h/s wants to handle the invoicing. Maybe I am not understanding your relationship with the accountant.

    In QB, the invoice is created, and then processed to satisfaction when the payment arrives. Since these will be two separate tasks for you (both practically, and function-wise, this cannot happen.
  7. knox gsl

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    I think he is creating a monthly invoice through MSword and billing off of that and then tracking payment history through MSexcel. Its a very basic way of doing it but does work as I have done it myself. You take your monthly income and expenses put them into a spreadsheet and get a list of totals for the year. Take your totals to the accountant and they plug the numbers into their software to give you your tax liabilty for the year.
  8. GoldnGreenLandscaper

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    Exactamundo Knox. My acct actually gets income from my bank statements and expenses from cancelled checks and any outstanding loans such as trucks, revolving debt statements etc. It's simple.

    However, I am only looking for software to do invoiving, customer letters and generally business management.

    cpllawncare: I will look into the software you have suggested.
  9. Roger

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    Your procedure seems very cumbersome. Who closes the loop on invoices being satisfied? Who monitors outstanding invoices, beyond due date? The bank has no information on what was invoiced, only that a payment was received.

    How do you get reports on your expenses? Who reconciles your bank statements?

    The procedure may work for you, but it seems very cumbersome with lack of control. If it works for you, great. I know it would not work for me.
  10. FLC2000

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    Bill out from quick books and at the end of the year print your profit and loss and give to your accountant.

    I used to use Gopher which did all that but it did scheduling also. It was nice to have but needed to expand after I hired some workers and needed a payroll function and thats when I went to QB.

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