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Have anyone used????


LawnSite Bronze Member
Saint Peters, MO
Talmo I think you meant to start a new thread, but my toro z stripes great without a striping kit. Never used the kit but I'm sure it works well if you need to have more defined stripes...


LawnSite Senior Member
Rubber mulch? One of my clients asked for it.
What was the final outcome of the situation. One of my clients asked me today to get it for his playground and i'm just wondering if you found any local supplier or distributor for the rubber mulch.


LawnSite Member
Baltimore, Md
Look online for it. The companies that produce it will sell you bags, large and small, and even 'super sacks', 5ft tall pallet sized bags of it. You can benefit as these can be delivered to you of the jobsite, and the customer cannot get the large quantities you can.

Good Luck