Have aquired a 1987 GMC JIMMY- HELP

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    I have aquired a 1987 fullsize GMC JIMMY. Problem #1 it has been sitting for 2 years what should I check and do before starting it and trying to drive it.

    Problem #2 the reason I aquired it is the tranny is blown. That makes tranny #9, it is the 700R4, what questions should I ask the repair shop before choosing one.

    Problem #3 there is floorpan damage where the passenger seat bolts in is there anyplace that sell that piece or do I have to fab my own?

    Thanks for the help
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    Wow thats all general stuff...here are a few suggestions
    Things to check for:
    clean up under the cap/rotor, check for good plug wires, I always change all fluids on any newly aquired vehicle just for piece of mind, dump old gas, change filters(fuel,oil,air),use a grease gun and lube up as much as possible...just general things..shouldnt be driving it anyway until you get a new transmission
    use whichever tranny you like the 700R4is a good transmission...the overdrive option is nice for city driving just not made for hotriding...you'll blow it again in no time check out Chucks site for the different drivetrains and find your specific use
    JC Whitney Magazine probably has what you need

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