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Have lots of work but very depressed please help don't want suicied by mower.

I have mostly commercail accounts Shoneys,bestwestern,jameson inn,days inn,an office park,comfort suite,townterrace,waffle house and 2 resdinual.

My problem is i owned a lawn service 4 years ago wil all
nice equiment Scag 60" hydro 16' trailer Grasshopper 52"
3 weedeaters 2 blower and a parking lot blower with 108 accounts i had it all.I went in bankrupcey. Now 4 year later I'm just getting back into lawn care same town but NOW i run out of a ford escort hatch back no trailer. I have a used honda 21" that i bought for $100.00 i take apart just to get it in the car every thing is cramped i hate it.Qustion am i a scub and should i ask my father for help(money)i have large places and can only do 2 max a day
i feel like i could do more jobs and make more money if i just had a truck trailer 48" scar walk behind. What to do ps sorry for long letter i'm frustated and tired i did a clean up for 100.00 and i am on job for trird day aroud 9 or so hours plus i steped in a yellow jackets nest owwwww



LawnSite Senior Member
Columbus Ga
Hey dude .... its happens hey i have a 52" hydro i'll sell you for $675.00 its needs some tinkering but good start up mower...i also have my first trailer i brought I also needs a little tlc but its definitly a scrub trailer but it works you can have it for $175.00 its 4x12 nothing fancy,and last but not least 76 dodge 1ton walk through van very scure.might not even need a trailer just some ramps.I'll let you have it for $2800. let me know i am not far from you Col.ga as far as your question iy depends how much faith your father still has in your abbilities after all
the worst he could say is no. good luck.

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LawnSite Bronze Member
Pittsburgh, Pa
Dave....Suck up your pride and ask for help. Everyone hear has had some kind of help somewhere along the line. To get back into the game, you need more than a escort and a push mower. How can you get all these commercial places with a push mower and a escort?? I have to fight people for commercial accounts!!
no joke i just do a nice job a very good job plus they know me from before i'm not lying this is a small town too.the only joke is the suiside by mower.

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the funny thing is when i had my service before there were only 5 or so people cutting grass now theres 20+ pepple cutting i must be doing something right or just to cheap my income is by contracts only 12 month here i'll show you this is my flyer what do you think. i copyed off my hard drive i don't know how it will show up NEXT IS A CONTRACT

Eufaula’s Finest Lawn Service
E-mail at Jhar303424@aol.com

Complete Lawn Maintenance for the discriminating home and business owner.

All Phases of lawn service Residential
Professional mowing Rental property
Detailed Edging and trim Industrial
Thorough Clean-up Churches
Plant trimming Apartment
Weekly Visits Hotels/Motels
One time cuts Hospitals
Touring Properties

Basic service starts at $15.00 (visit)
All cuts include,
Cut-Front, back, sides (maintaining a height of 1.5” to 3.0” giving better weed and drought control leaving lawn lush green and thick.

Edge-Drive, Walkways, Curbside, Plant Beds, Next to building Ect (Every cut)
Trim-Curbside, around trees, next to Building Ect (every cut)
Blow off-Driveway, Sidewalk, Porches, Curbside Ect (every cut)
Pick up trash Sticks Pinecones Ect (every cut)

*Premium service starts at $50.00 per month* (Add with basic service)
*Full ground maintenance
*Trim shrub’s
*Fertilize lawn, shrubs
*Round upâ (where needed)
*Leaf removal
*Ant control- (as needed)
*Aeration- (2x per year)
*Dethaching- (1x per year)
*Weedcontrol lawn and flower beds
*Check irrigation (if available)
*Spread annual ryegrass seed in fall when grass goes dormant to have green turf in winter
(Dies off in spring will not harm lawn)
*Bahiagrass and Broadleaf weed control. I can stop Bahiagrass dead in its tracks without harming Centipede or St. Augustine lawns.

Also available
· Flower bed planting
· Pressure washing
· Storm cleanups
· Cypress mulch, pine straw
· Planting
· Smaller tree removal
· Fire wood
· NEW SERVICE Parking lot blowing (have huge blower 9hp Honda 200 + mph 2,500 cfm air volume all lose gravel sand removed guaranteed).
If you do not see it, just ask. I can usually do it.

Free yourself from the hassles and responsibilities of maintaining your lawn. Take a nap, spend time with the kids, or take your spouse out to dinner. now the contract

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“Our Quality Creates Demand”

Eufaula’s Finest Lawn service
P.O. Box 983, Eufaula, Al. 36027

E-mail Jhar303424@aol.com

Bid on grounds maintenance at _________________________, Eufaula, AL 36027
Description of work:
1. Visit site weekly
2. Pick up all trash on grounds (Trash, cans, paper, limbs, pinecones sticks Ect)
3. Cut grass as needed maintaining height of 2 to 2.5 inch giving better weed and drought control leaving lawn lush green and thick (warm climate grasses need to be cut at 2 to3 inch)
4. Bag turf if asked (Clipping are good for soil; and reduces thatch as long as mowed regularly)
5. Trim and edge around all landscape beds, existing trees, driveways, curbs, and sidewalks next to building (every cut)
6. Blow off all walkways and sidewalks, curbs (every cut)
7. Blow off all parking areas, removing trash, sand, rocks, etc. (as needed)
8. Keep weeds and brush out of plant beds, parking lot cracks, and next to building
9. Keep all shrubs, plants and bushes trimmed (as needed)
10. Put out ant control where needed (outside only)
11. Fertilize every three months – September, December, March, June, useing16-4-8 per application 4.68 lbs per1000sq. Ft (Total needed per year for centipede grass 18.75 lbs at 1000 sq.ft) Used empty fertilizer bag will be left at site upon owner request
12. Fertilize plants at time of grass using 10-10-10.
13. Spray weed control 48 hours after first cut, 1x per year on turf removing all unwanted Bahiagrass, weeds, Sedge grass, Broadleaf weeds for lawn only will not harm lawn)
14. Aerate 2x a year (March & October)
15. Dethach 1x a year (Febuary)
16. Provide pine straw or cypress mulch twice a year if needed - October & April
17. Spread annual ryegrass seed in fall when grass goes dormant to have green turf in winter (dies off in spring, will not harm lawn)
18. Check irrigation if available

Conditions, Limitations, and Exclusions:
This contract when accepted is effective____/____/____and is a binding 12-month contract that stays in effect until ____/____/____. Cancellation of this contract will only be granted if there is no remedy for unsatisfactory service after issuing two written warnings. If for any reason the contract is broken before the expiration date by either the customer or Eufaula’s finest lawn service, full money will be due for labor of that month and materials. Amount will be due 10 days upon release. Material will be totaled up, if any, from receipts for each product which is / was purchased.
Does site need spring cleaning Yes___ No___ Price $_______
Price: $_______Per month. Price includes all material and labor in lines 1-18

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Payment schedule: Balance due by the 10th monthly

Contact: For more information, please call or e-mail David R. Hartzog, Owner,
(334)-616-7380 or Jhar303424@aol.com.

Thank you for allowing us to provide you with a proposal. Please get in touch if you have any questions. We are looking forward to working with you!

Respectfully submitted,

David R. Hartzog (owner)___________________________Date: _____________________

Accepted by________________Title__________________ Date: _____________________

Print name_____________________________

Comments: ____________________________________________________________________






LawnSite Bronze Member
Southern, Maine
If you are gonna use this for residential accounts I would think twice to long youl loose the intrest of your customer or even scare them away. If for commercial not too bad but dont use on residential accounts.


LawnSite Member
I think you should go residential with the equipment you have now and earn your way back to the big accounts. You have no overhead now. If you can't save enough money to buy better equipment then you are living beyond your means. Is that why you bankrupted?