Have rude email, I'm really gettin pissed!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by soloscaperman, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. soloscaperman

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    He wrote:


    Kinda crazy cutting the lawn during a tropical storm, don't you think. ? And the front yard looks terrible..What were u thinking?

    I replied with with:

    I was mowing when the rain was light then got it heavy. The weather channel said no rain after 3PM and they were totally wrong. You said not to mow Saturday's and if I waited till Monday it would be really tall and messy. I wanted to wait but the forecast says rain for Monday as well.

    He has been breaking my balls lately. Maybe stress at his business or wife problems. I do a lot for the price. I take a few extra passes near the empty lot for him. Dude never seems happy. I know some people are just plain d**** but I can't stand those people. He always has something smart to say. I never get a complaint from a client and he is the first. If he doesn't shut his mouth I will raise my price. The only problem is there are a lot of people in the new area and word spreads fast. Dude never gave me a call on the shrubs.

    What the hell should I just stop mowing half of his lawn?? The weather was total wrong and it should be all my fault. I am an honest guy did I do something wrong??
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  2. GunnPropertyServices

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    he really sounds like a jerk! i can understand sending an email if he didnt like the way the cut turned out etc but his tone in the email (What were you thinking?) thats somthing you say to your teen age kid. Not how you talk to a grown man
  3. soloscaperman

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    When I meet a future customer I study how they talk and move. From the start I knew he was one of those guys that thinks he is always the boss and is always right. You say the sky is blue he will say it's baby blue.

    I am going to raise the price next year. I am going to start a D*** FEE I am serious guys! One thing that I think highly in life is RESPECT.
  4. soloscaperman

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    I was looking at his business email and put his business on google. His business outsources jobs for companies in America to asia and some others. The website stated that there goal is to cut cost and save money for your business.

    I remember talking to him about how the economy is bad. Well I opened my mouth and said how business people are OUTSOURCING jobs. I also stated they should charge a higher tax. I remember since then he never acted nice really. If your customer is a scumbag chances are he has a dirty job. Wouldn't be surprised if he was a lawyer also lol.
  5. dKoester

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    Never talk politics with a client if you own a business. It avoids alot of conflicts.
  6. soloscaperman

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    This is why I love Lawnsite. I will always keep this in mind. Thanks. I guess maybe he wanted to test me or it was random with politics. Some people are very religious when it comes to politics. I see it on lawnsite as well. It takes one word to tick someone off.

    Next time any customer wants to discuss anything that is related to politics I will kindly tell them I don't wish to get involved. I remember someone talking about politics at a bar and the drunk guy basically dragged the other guy out and got a fist full of pain.
  7. Richard Martin

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    I wasn't there to see the weather conditions before you started mowing but my best guess is you caused this particualr incident yourself. If it's lightly raining then I won't even bother to start cutting. I also have Internet access on my old Nextel Motorola phone and I'd have checked the radar before proceding.

    BTW.. Weather forecasting is an imperfect science. They are only correct less than 40% of the time.

    I also got an email during the storm. Here it is with my reply.


    Hi Richard ,
    Everything okay ?
    Sort of thought you would have been here after the grass dried out today.
    Hope all is well.
    Cynthia Z.


    I'll be there tomorrow around 9:00-9:30, maybe 10:00. I normally do go out right after rain but this was just too much rain. Your lawn drains well but the rest of the lawns that I have to do tomorrow needed a day to drain off. I got 6-1/4" of rain at my house! Anyway, I'll be there tomorrow. I'll probably be in a bit of a hurry since I'll have so many to do. I have to do today's and tomorrow's.



    Glad all is well. Tomorrow is fine .. You got your work cut out for you doing two days work in one ! Don’t know what we got here . I should get a gauge.

    Me the next morning (being proactive, sending her and email before she sent me one)...

    Good Morning Cynthia,

    It's not looking too good for today and tomorrow either. Up to 10" of rain is forecast. I'm guessing that we'll have to try again next Tuesday.


    Her on Thursday...

    Hi Richard ,

    If you got time, what’s the name of that creek , or whatever it is behind my house , where the bridge is on Old 11 ? What larger stream flows into it before it reaches the area behind my house ?

    Cynthia Z

    The reason she asked was the creek behind her house had risen out of her banks and her backyard was covered in 12 inches of water on Wednesday. At that point it didn't matter what the grass looked like.

    I also had one customer that I thought might have a problem with me skipping him. I gave him a call and he was good with a skip since we were in the middle of a huge rain event.

    I would keep the customer and when one of these rare events happen just give him a call and let him know your intentions. It's not a big deal and you get to keep a customer that may end being one of your best one day.
  8. Richard Martin

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    She also sent me a pic. You can see the waterline around the fence.

  9. h2oskier

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    Now thats how you handle the situation
  10. 93Chevy

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    LOL, Political discussions aside, you told a business man that the government should charge higher taxes. I get pretty jacked myself when somebody tells me I should pay higher taxes.

    Now I'm not saying I don't work for people who are on the opposite side of the spectrum as me, but I can generally judge where they fall on the first or second meeting. If they don't fall in line with how I think, then fine, but I don't get in those types of discussions.

    Point being, don't tell a business man he should pay higher taxes :waving:

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