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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JJOHN22042, Jul 7, 2002.

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    I get a call on Friday night Guy ask me do cut his Lawn I give him the Price he says yes and tells me he's going away till Wednesday. So I plan to cut the Lawn on Tuesday. So Tuesday comes I load up and go to the House and the guys is cutting the Lawn. I asked him what happend he said he came home early and wanted to save money so he cut the Lawn.
    Just shook my Head and back in the Truck and Drove away. Well he will waiting along time to see me cut his Lawn but he will save some Money..:blob3:
  2. thfireman

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    I would have charged a service charge for not calling and canceling before you drove all the way out.

    I hade a simular incident once when I was supposed to cut a lawn but when I got there the lady had a landscape crew installing a bed in the back and a fish pond. I started to go ahead and cut the front and I was going to stay out of the back while they worked. She come out of the house and told me that she was going to let them cut this time while they were there. I simply said to her "Maam that is no problem. I will load up and leave and here is a bill for my trip out here and I hope they offer you a fair weekly service. I never went back. Just the attitude and inconsideration ticked me off!! :angry:
  3. I've set appointments in the am to quote & do work. Get there @ 2pm and work is done and nobody home.
    Just dont let em get you twice.
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    Yea. It'd be perfect world if we did it for free, and made sure every blade was in place....

    The weirdest thing I had happen was I was gonna do a yard clean-up for this old guy. I come a couple days later as scheduled start blowing the leaves from behind the beds and then I was going to mulch them with the mower. Oh no, that couldn't be done... He didn't want a mess on his lawn... Obviously he hadn't seen someone mulch his leaves properly, but... anyways he basically told me i'm fired and started to leave, he goes well go ahead.. umm okay. Talk a little more, NO he doesn't want me to do it... then again yea go ahead, YES, NO, YES, NO... I finally just made the decison for him.. I still see him on his porch trying to decide to this day...
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    kinda makes u wanta plant a siize 12 in his rear dont it.but naa :D
  6. JJOHN22042

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    This is what I do now. I keep the Phone Number and Place it on my Do not Call list so if they call for service. I know not to waste any time trying to get the Job.

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