Have to Move to Florida, Help needed

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sedge, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. sedge

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    Hey all you Florida guys :)

    I am hopeful you can can offer me some help. Let me give you some back ground about myself and what we are asking. I have in the past posted under my brothers id here and have pm'd some of you guys, so maybe you recognize my plan and thoughts.

    I work for my brother here in OKC, OK. Working for family is not always what it is cracked up to be.... lol,lol. I have learned a lot of things "not" to do and would like to get my family (5 kids) off to a fresh start. i'm tired of always being wrong and the dumba$$, lol,lol even though most things work out like I originally said, but enough of that.......:nono:

    My fiancee is a nurse and wants to go onto nurse anesthetist school.:waving: and there are none located in our state here in OK. She is also from a warmer climate then here and would like to relocate. There are 3 Nurse Anesthetist schools located in the Miami area 1. Barry University, Miami Shores, 2. Florida International University, North Miami, 3. University of Miami, Coral city, south of Miami, so thats where we are seriously thinking of relocating there. It is fairly hard to get into this type of degree, but with 3 schools in the area and my fiancee's background, we think this is the best plan.

    Plan is that my wife works as a nurse as we get started, so i don't need a lot of work right away. My equipment will be paid for and all we need to cover is our rent and related expenses to start. Once I am established, then my wife will enroll into one of the colleges and complete her schooling. Not looking to make a big business, but enough to care for my family reasonably.

    Please if possible, can any one direct us to a good general area to get started and set down some family type roots for at least a few years if not permanently? of course we can relocate in that same general area, so I don't want any higher crime areas of course, but some areas not to far from the 3 schools and a decent area to live and maybe pickup some work?

    Would really appreciate this guys... more then you know... Thanx

    You can PM me you would prefer.


    What about these other areas here? the other areas for this we are considering are here below, but they have only 1 school in each area;

    1. Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers

    2. Gooding Institute of Nurse Anesthesia, Panama City

    3. Wolford College, Naples

    Thanx again!!

  2. Richard Martin

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    I can't help you with specific answers but I can offer up some general advice.

    Regardless of what area you think you want to move to research that area to death first. Look online and see if there are any newspapers specific to that area and start reading. You can really get a good feal for what the safe areas and non-safe areas are by reading the crime section.

    I got ahold of a map of the area I live in now and put a dot using a Sharpie on the map everywhere a violent crime occurred. It became clear real quick, within a month, which neighborhoods I didn't even want to consider.

    You can also go to http://www.city-data.com/forum/florida/. These forums are just people who are thinking of moving to Florida, have moved to Florida or always lived in Florida. You can ask questions there and the people on those forums can really steer you towards the good places.

    www.city-data.com also maintains a fairly extensive database with a lot of info like crime stats, education, income, racial makeup etc on virtually every city, town and county in Florida. The Florida data can be found here: http://www.city-data.com/city/Florida.html.

    You should also visit the area you are thinking about first. I have spoken to a lot of people who have moved to towns outside of the Greenville area thinking that they would be cute and quait based solely on information they got from that town's chamber of commerce. The truth is often that the town is cute and quaint but it's also dirt poor and lacks shopping and jobs.

    I would rent a motel room or something like that and spend a week there getting to see what is actually there. You and your wife can visit the local schools and sit in on a few classes and tour their facilities.

    It's a lot of work and may cost a little money but when you've picked the right area because you did your research it's worth every penny.
  3. lawnman_scott

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    I live in the st pete/clearwater area, quite a ways away from miami, but you are going to hear the stories of very very low wages. I dont find this to be true at all. Wages for employees may be lower, but as far as running a business I dont see any difference. You have to realize that most people on here are not totally truthful with what they make.

    There are some backwards things here, but I think FL is great. I moved here in 95 and would never leave. The weather is great, sure we have hurricanes but you get plenty of advance warning. We have tornadoes like you do in OK, but comparing an OK tornado to a FL one is like comparing a northern deer to a FL deer. Ours are about the size of my cocker spaniel.

    I have been to Miami a few times. Very busy area, and it looks like alot of detail work. Im sure there are a ton of people that will work for nothing there, but its really like that everywhere, just have to find the right clients.
  4. Ocalalawns

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    I've emailed you before. I lived in that area for 53 years. It is no longer a place where you want to raise children. What has keep the economy going there for years is the drugs. My wife worked 33 years for the polive dept. If you lived in broward county near Cooper city It's not so bad .But it's a long drive to the schools for your wife in not so good areas. I think any one of the other three areas you mentioned is a better choice.....But this is just my personal opinion. Take a trip to the areas and spend a little time to see for yourself. Good luck.
  5. lawnboy dan

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    north florida is far diff winter wise than south fla where there is virtually no winter . work will be yearround in south fla . not so in north fla
  6. sedge

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    Thanx for the websites. we were planning on spending a few eeks going to each area and such, but I really appreciate it!

  7. sedge

    sedge LawnSite Fanatic
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    I's that bad there huh? :-( Thanx for your inputs! We will check it out in more detail for sure.
  8. sedge

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    How many weeks of work do you get? We don't need to cut all year ofcourse, but more then the 27 or so we get here would be nice.
  9. MTR

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    To Miami? cost of living will have heavy impact on you especially you r from OK. Rent alone in Miami is similar to NYC, especially south beach. Lots of work to do landscaping job but also lots and do-or-die competition from especially latinos. I would go to south west, like naple or fort myer but price is not as good as in miami area. South Fl has never been cheap and never will, everything cost a lot twice more than OK.
  10. sedge

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    Yes, i checked that part out already. Paying $1,350 for a 2,700 sq ft home rent per month here in Oklahoma City right now and i can rent a 1,800 to 2,400 sq ft home in that general area for $1,500 to $2,100 per month. Some with pool and some with canal access. Food will be a little more, but not much and gas will be a little higher, but I don't think every thing else will be out of line from what we are paying here.

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