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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Tony1, Feb 16, 2006.

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    I want to start my own lawn service.I stated one in 03-04 in the back of my car. I had to close down. Now i have a Ford Bronco and hope fully i can get this trailer from a friend who will go half in with me. i have it in my head that i need brand new toys to do a good job.i know i dont.how do i go about starting up the right way this time and compete with the big boys and girls.:cool2:

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    First --Know what it was that you did wrong last time and don't do it!

    Only you know your situation but most will tell you not to do it with a partner. Buy the trailer by yourself.

    It sounds like you may be underfunded. This is a hard way to start but it can still be done. You will just have to push most all the money back in to the business.
    You do not need "new" equipment. But you should get commercial stuff. And it should all be in good condition.

    Now the most important info--you are not competing against the "big boys and girls", or anybody for that matter. Your competition is your check book register. The "fight" is to keep that in the black and than to make your business profitable. Always work at making your business as good as it can be and do not worry about what the other guy is doing.
    The best way to start doing this from the beginning is to do a very detailed business plan.

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