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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rob7233, May 25, 2010.

  1. rob7233

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    DON"T EVER, Ever do this !!!

    Orange official: 4-year-old in East Orange injured in lawnmower accident

    By Anthony Colarossi, Orlando Sentinel
    10:16 p.m. EDT, May 24, 2010

    A 4-year-old was seriously injured in a lawn mower accident in east Orange County late Monday afternoon.

    The child was riding with someone else on the lawnmower and then fell, according to Lt. Anthony Rios with Orange County Fire Rescue. The child suffered a "near amputation" and wounds to the face.

    Rios was not sure if the child was a boy or a girl, but the victim was rushed to Orlando Regional Medical Center.

    The accident was reported a little after 5:30 p.m. Monday. It occurred in far east Orange County.

    Rios did not have other details about the accident late Monday.

    Orange County here is Orlando, FL. I wanted to post this as a warning because LCO's can be the most guilty in doing this with their kids.

    "Yeah, let's show junior what we do. It'll be fun. We're confident in our operating ability, since we spend hours on this machine weekly. Nothing will happen. Hell, we know better than those homeowners. And the kids are always begging you to take them for a ride. It won't happen to me."

    Wife says, "Okay, just for a little, slow one and be EXTRA careful". So you do. Your child is all excited and you want to make them happy and you're proud to show them what you do. After all, you're a pro. You can handle it, you tell yourself.

    Don't you ever be tempted. Don't do it! NOT EVER! It's not worth the risk!!!It's just then, something occurs and the worst happens. How will you live with yourself ? And it only gets worse... I was a Paramedic in Jacksonville and had to run on one of these calls. Man was brushcutting alongside the roadway. The wife brought out lunch and something to drink along with the 2 kids. Something similar to the above dialog occurs and the 4y/o is on the machine with Dad. Happened so fast, he didn't have time to react. The whole family was there to see it.

    Well seasoned, EMS & Police personnel were throwing up and crying at the scene, people screaming everywhere, it was a total mess... we talked about it for the longest time. Many of us never got over it. You can surely bet, when EVERYONE went home that night, they hugged their wife/husband and all the kids extra, extra tight. That's a memory I wished I never had.
  2. MikeKle

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    Usually these accidents involve a homeowner grade rider or even a 21" pusher, we forget how powerful even the cheapest mowers are!!! Can you imagine the results from a commercial mower in one of these accidents, with the blades spinning at 18500, and 25-30hp powering it?!!! I have no doubt that if I saw a kid or anyone go thru a brushcutter, I would not be able to be around lawnmowers anymore, ever!
  3. biggziff

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    Both of my daughters spent hundreds of hours riding on my lap while I mowed with our lawn tractors over the years. Those are moments that we treasure. They still remember mowing with dad. Obviously, caution is warranted, but have we forgotten all the kids that grow up/grew up on farms all over the US and have been safely operating farm machinery for 100 years or more?

    If it isn't something you're comfortable with, no problem...but don't presume that no one else should try it.
  4. MikeKle

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    bad thing to admit on here.
  5. biggziff

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    I'm an honest guy....I accept the consequences for my actions. I would do it again if I could.
  6. GlynnC

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    Yesterday, I was out working on houses in a part of Nashville that flooded a few weeks ago--man was mowing his lawn with a 21 inch--an area that a week ago was covered with building materials removed from the flooded houses. His little boy was riding a tricycle on the sidewalk no more than 3 feet from the mower. The street is covered with drywall nails and screws--I can only imagine how many have been left in the yards. The potential for a flying "something" had to be hugh!!

    I was one of those kids riding farm tractors almost before I could walk--it wasn't safe then or now--but it was a way of life. At age 12, took over all responsibilities of the farm--dad worked out to help pay the bills.
  7. freshprince94

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    That is crazy especially because I live right near where this happened. I don't have kids but if I ever do they will never ride with me on a mower. It's not worth it guys.
  8. fiveoboy01

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    Everything we do has risk.

    OR, we could lock ourselves up in a padded room all day to ensure nobody would get a scratch.
  9. tstutz

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    I see this same situation countless times a year. Growing up on a farm taught me to be aware at all times of myself and others around me. These accidents will change how you think about your everyday routines.
  10. Hawg City Lawns

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    i see where you are coming from if we knew we were going to get in a car accident that day we wouldnt drive or ride in a car that day

    but there are somethings that we can do to increase the probability of an accident also this being one of them

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