Have you ever had someone like this??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Petr51488, Jun 14, 2004.

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    Ok, so i have this customer that i service her lawn once every 2 weeks. I come and do it on the Thursday. Cut it, lady's daughter comes out and sais nice job, hands me the check, and I'm off. The mother calls me 10 days later and sais that the lawn doesn't look like it was cut. She has to understand that her lawn is full of weeds and that weeds grow 3 times as fast as grass does. Another thing is that its 3 days away from her biweekly mowing. Does she honestly think that the grass isn't going to grow at all? People like her get me pissed off. She tells me to cut as low as possible. When i call tomorrow i will let her know, if i cut as low as i can, her grass will be burnt in a week or 2. Maby I'm wrong, but will the grass not burn if i cut it the lowest? and don't weeds grow 3 times as fast as grass does? Thank god i only have one customer like her.
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    Your biggest clue to her being a PITA was wanting the lawn cut every two weeks, and wanting it cut as low as possible.Cutting too low stresses the turf and allows more light to reach the soil surface causing more / faster weed germination. Get her to switch to weekly or drop her and move on.....JMO..
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    Just another uneducated customer. Tell her the difference between a "lawn cuttin' service" and a lawn care service. If she want less growth, cut it high. This will slow the weed per grass ratio down. Otherwise, wack it doewn to the ground, and THEN show her how fast weeds can grow. Weeds THRIVE when they are cut down to nothing. That's what they like.
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    I'd dump her immediately if I could not educate her.
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    Ha ha, ten days later, no wonder it looks like it needs cutting. Tell her, " ma'am it is not your living room carpet. It is grass-- a crop if left unattended." Usually there is a hidden agenda going on in these cases. IE low money, Husband used to cut every three days, or something else. If it can't be resolved you have to move on to people that understand . You are doing her a favor with the every two week plan.

    I have a few that are on two weeks. One thing that sometimes helps is this. Offer them a price break to go to every ten days. This will help you ,if the grass is hard to cut at biweekly intervals. Good luck.
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    Thanks for all the posts guys. I guess i was right lol she is a PITA customer.

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